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FREE Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern (easy Adult Crochet Headband)

Free crochet headband pattern- easy crochet pattern-headband-free crochet patterns
Free Crochet Headband Pattern
 Easy Adult Crochet Headband or Earwarmer Pattern with Crochet Flower. This is probably one of the easiest headband/ear warmer patterns around. The shaping is easy to achieve. And the piece is worked in a circle around. I find I can use the basic pattern and create many different looks with a change of yarn or hook size. 

Free Head Band and ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Crochet headband Free Pattern

Nothing keeps out the cold better, and keeps our ears toasties and warm, than these easy to crochet headbands and ear warmers. Very easy to crochet and a great quick gift idea. I wear my ear warmers all the time during the colder months.

My daughter refused to wear a hat BUT loves wearing these headbands as they are ever so fashionable

The pattern for the headband in the picture is very easy By working in back loops throughout the rows creates a ridge pattern. You can also make it as wide as you wish. Or by measuring around your head you can make it any size you wish

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