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How to Crochet a Daisy Granny Square Bag

I knew as soon as I had made the crochet daisy bucket hat I was asked to crochet a bag. But instead of using the 8 petal daisy, I decided to use a 12 petal daisy for the granny square. And as soon as I posted the Crochet Granny SQaure bag you were asking for the pattern on how to crochet the daisy Granny Square Bag. This is NOT a hard crochet project, it really is quite easy once you have made the squares. Its a fantastic Yarn Stash buster as well. If you make a Daisy cGranny Square Bag and post it online be sure to let me see it by tagging me #lisaauchcrochet 

How to Crochet a Daisy Granny Square Bag

 I will take you through the steps to help you crochet your very own daisy center granny square bag. Please note these crochet daisies have 12 petals. If you would prefer an 8 petal daisy granny square you can follow the steps for the daisy square on my website here, which I made a Crochet bucket hat with the 8 petal daisy granny inserts

YOu can Buy an AD-FREE printable Daisy Granny Square Crochet pattern direct from Ravelry with secure Paypal Checkout 

If you have arrived at this page FIRST but do not know how to crochet the 

Daisy Flower Granny Square - Please visit this page for a written tutorial pattern 

Beautiful Free Crochet Pillow Pattern with Crochet Flowers

easy crochet pillow pattern-crochet pillow with flowers-I just love the vintage Shabby decor effect these gorgeous crochet pillows or cushion covers have.
They are so simple and easy to crochet. that even if you are a beginner crochet student, following a simple Granny Square crochet pattern you can make this up in no time.

TO finish I made extra crochet flowers, to attach to the seam corners, to keep them tidy.

I crocheted 5 granny Squares with a border of 4 rounds worked into the back loop only.

And 4 granny Squares with a crochet flower in the middle.
Very easy to crochet

easy crochet pillow pattern-crochet pillow with flowers-Free Crochet PatternA great how to crochet the Granny Squares tutorial can be found here.
how to Crochet Granny Squares

and for the Granny Square with flower in the middle was taken from a pattern from the The Granny Square Book available to Buy .
This is a relatively easy way to crochet the flower into the Granny Square

Free Crochet Pattern for granny square with flower

Joining the Squares is relatively easy. position them as you want the pattern to follow and then join together into the Square.

I used a cream pillowcase folded to the correct size of joined squares, and attached to the right side of the pillow, this makes an easy slip over for the cushion padding.

As I crochet more and more I love my reference crochet  books such as the The Granny Square Book


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