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FREE Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern (easy Adult Crochet Headband)

Free crochet headband pattern- easy crochet pattern-headband-free crochet patterns
Free Crochet Headband Pattern
 Easy Adult Crochet Headband or Earwarmer Pattern with Crochet Flower. This is probably one of the easiest headband/ear warmer patterns around. The shaping is easy to achieve. And the piece is worked in a circle around. I find I can use the basic pattern and create many different looks with a change of yarn or hook size. 

EASY Free Crochet Flower Pattern Pretty 3 layer Crochet Flower Pattern (Can be made Any Size)

I love to crochet flowers, they are so easy to make. Crochet flowers are a delight to crochet and  once you have the hang of a basic flower shape the list is endless to the pretty flower appliqu├ęs you can make to finish off your projects. This is a basic Crochet Flower Pattern- you can use any hook and any yarn to create this.
free crochet flower pattern easy crochet flower with 3 layers.
If you are using a thick yarn and large hook you will end up with a large layered flower.

You can also continue working in the back round of each row and create as many layers as you wish for your flower

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