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FREE Crochet Pattern to make a Beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl

FREE Crochet Pattern for a Circular Crochet Baby Shawl in a beautiful Soft Yarn is just what a new mum love to be given as a Baby Gift. Nothing beats a baby wrapped up in a bundle of handcrafted love. Circular Crochet Baby Shawl free pattern 
Beautiful Crochet Baby Shawl

The shawl when wrapped around and acts as the finishing touch to really make the introduction of the baby to family members all that more special. Knowing someone lovingly made this crochet shawl for the baby and the work that went into its creation makes sure the baby shawl becomes a family heirloom. I have also used this crochet pattern to make a beautiful soft Shawl 
free crochet shawl pattern

Circular Crochet Baby Shawl PATTERN
Skill Level: EASY 
On Paper this looks to be a very complicated Pattern, however, once you get into the swing of the pattern, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is.
You should be able to read written patterns and crochet in repeat patterns,
Double Crochet (DC), single crochet (SC), and Skipping stitches
Woking several stitches into the same space
Be familiar with Working in between the posts and spaces created in 
previous rounds
Measurements: Finished Shawl Circumference -
Beautiful Yarn Perfect for Crocheting a Baby
Gauge: This is a very loosely worked baby shawl.
Peter Pan Merino Baby 4ply 3032 Pink
Hook 4.00mm
Additional Supplies Ribbon if you wish to weave around

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