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Crochet Snowman Pattern

Crochet Snowman (traditional) 

snowman crochet pattern free

You will need : 
100 g White Yarn
4.50mm for the main body of the snowman
3.50mm for nose, hat, and scarf
10cm cardboard base for the snowman
Yarn needle. 
Height approx: 8 inches 

BEST GIFTS for someone who Loves to Crochets- Gifts for Crochet Lovers

 What is the BEST GIFT to give to someone who loves Crochet? 

I am often asked what would I recommend as a gift to get for someone they know who loves to crochet, whether it be a mom, daughter, sister, auntie friend, uncle, dad, brother, or anyone else you know that crochets. 

I am forever grateful to the people who realize my hobby is also my passion. I LOVE crochet and everything 

1. YARN 

Pretty Obvious, but what type and kind of yarn to buy someone who crochets can be mindboggling. 

If you know the person relatively well and know their favorite color then that makes it easier. However, beware the yarn thickness and textures vary. 


I'm going to have to say  as my number 1 favorite of what to get someone who crochets as a gift is 

BUY a Voucher for YARN. is a wonderful online yarn store where you can find anything you need for all your craft indulgences
best gift idea for someone who crochets-knits-yarn gift voucher

A Crochet Christmas Wreath Free Easy Pattern

 Crochet Christmas wreath decoration for your tree 

christmas wreath crochet pattern around wooden ring


I was looking for easy christmas decorations to crochet. and whilst looking aorund my sunroom I saw these old curtain rings, that I had planned on using them elsewhere in the house, but after a wash and scrub they still looked a bit tatty. 

 So instead of reusing them  I just  kept them thinking I could use them for something.

Quick Easy Christmas Crochet Makes

These little crochet projects are Quick and easy to whip up at the last minute. I am always on the lookout for something to gift a teacher and the little Star in the middle of this picture with a keychain is Amazing. I have included it as an 'idea' as its not actually a pattern but can be found here 

Little Christmas Angels (FREE Ravelry Download)
Christmas Crochet Slippers (FREE Ravelry Crochet pattern to Download)
Festive Crochet covers for a Chocolate Orange Little snowflakes (could be made into little girl hair clips) Teacher Gift Idea Key Chain (NOT A PATTERN- BUY) Christmas Robin Crochet PatternChristmas Small Jam Pot Holders and PotholderChristmas Star ornament for the tree 

Crochet A Christmas Baby Set with FREE PATTERNS

crochet baby set pattern free patterns, baby, crochet, free, patterns
Create a beautiful Crochet Baby Set with Free Patterns  
I love it when I am asked to crochet a special set for the baby. And this one is going to the top of my list. A beautiful Christmassy outfit fit for a princess.

A gorgeous Vintage inspired Swing Baby Cardigan, Crochet Baby Hat and Crocheted Baby Booties. All made with a bright Christmas RED double knit yarn and finished with a lovely soft White Edging.
Free Patterns are all on this Site.

Free Crochet Pattern for the Cardigan

Free Crochet Patterns for the Booties

(I finished off without the strap)

Free Crochet Pattern for the HAT and Crochet Flower 

(step by step photo Tutorial)

20 + FREE Snowflake Crochet Patterns


free snowflake crochet patterns-free crochet patterns for snowflakes
Crochet Snowflake Pattern on this page

 {My Favourtie Snowflake Crochet Patterns}

I do love these easy crochet snowflakes, and what more is they are all free crochet patterns.  Whether you want to attempt to use a fine cotton thread, or just follow the instructions using a larger hook and yarn which will give you a larger chunkier snowflake, Which I think either way they can be pretty special. I love hanging these from the tree. And I usually have a few to put in the envelopes for the special xmas cards that get sent to family and friends at this time of year. I have came across many free snowflake crochet pattern, these are my favourite.

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