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10 Fabulous FREE Crochet Patterns for Baby Hats

free crochet patterns-10- free crochet patterns baby hats-christmas Crochet Patterns-free crochet patternsEasy to crochet Baby Hat Patterns, the simplicity of the patterns makes them ideal for beginners. and having a good stock of free crochet patterns for a mixture of gorgeous cute baby hats for boys and girls is a must if you are always asked to crochet baby hats. Whether you prefer the basic beanie shape, animal hats, like the cute  bear hat with ears, or  a more traditional feel with the newsboy cap with visor, These patterns have all been tested by myself and found to be some of the easiest baby crochet hat patterns out there.  

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern Aviator Hat perfect for boys

I found this crochet baby hat pattern that looks just like an aviator looking style baby crochet hat.
I was getting asked for crochet baby hat patterns especially for boys, and of course easy for the beginner at crochet. 
Following the simple baby beanie crochet hat pattern, adding in ear flaps and a flap at the front, turning it up and adding 2 buttons to hold the flap in place.
I found it really easy to achieve this look perfect for the little man in your life. Or even easy to adjust and make a larger version for a fantastic crochet hat for men. 

crochet baby hat patterns-crochet-hat-baby-patterns-free-free crochet patterns-crochet patterns-free-crochet patterns baby
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