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Free EASY Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Crochet Flower (How To Crochet a Baby Hat)

Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern perfect for beginners. I have added in some photos to show you How to crochet a baby hat with this free easy crochet baby hat pattern with a beautiful easy crochet flower. 

How to crochet a Easy baby hat with Free crochet Baby hat pattern
Free crochet baby hat pattern (EASY ) by Lisa Auch  Crochet 


Warning these crochet baby hats are addictive! 

For you to crochet this Cute free crochet baby hat pattern, I have provided a Step by Step  easy to follow crochet pattern, with photo tutorial, making this pattern ideal for beginners.

Making up these gorgeous hats is both fun and rewarding as you can change them to suit, for sizes very easily.

Using the basic beanie pattern, this is a gorgeous baby hat for the little princess or prince. 

I actually find myself making this hat the most when I am asked for a baby set, as it is so easy to add little embellishments of ribbon and decorations to take your crochet work to exceptional professional standards. 


crochet baby set patterns free

Crochet Baby Patterns hat blankets, booties by  Lisa 

Blanket  with SHELL border 
Hat Pattern on this page (as shown in the lilac set HERE instead of the single crochet 4 rounds. I finished with a simple Shell of(5dcs) ) 
Booties Pattern HERE  

Please DO not be put off thinking these are unachievable for the beginner. In fact they are PERFECT for the beginner crocheter. 

The Pattern for the Basic Hat and flower  step by step photos and written pattern starts here


Written in US term 
Hook 4.00mm (UK) 0-3 months and for small newborn follow the pattern and parts written in red and use a 3.50mm hook.
Double knit yarn.
Sizes; newborn, 0-3 months  

Each round is joined with a slip stitch, chain 3 is not counted as part of the stitch counts per round. 
Special instructions:(always make a stitch in every base of chain 3 to start 
(this continues the shaping of the beanie.)

free crochet hat patterns-baby hat patterns-How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet


Newborn head circumference of finished hat = 13 inches this hat will be stretchy as we are using Double Crochet (DC) 

        0-3 months head circumference is 14 - 15 inches around 

Please be advised I crochet extremely loosely you may need to go up a hook size to achieve the measurements) SO check your width is correct at Rnd  4 


TO Start 
Rnd 1 : Ch 3, 12 DC into the first chain , or (Magic circle and 2 dc into the circle), slip stitch into top of ch3 (12)

Rnd 2:  Ch 2,
2 DC in every stitch round (increasing  in every stitch around)
Slip into top of ch 2 to join (24)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet


 Rnd 3:  Ch2, (1st Dc in the base chain2 ), 2DC in next stitch,

*dc in next stitch, 2DC* in next *repeat around (you are increasing 1 at every 2nd stitch around) 

 Slip into top of ch2 to join (36) (PIC 2)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet


Rnd 4:  Ch3, (1st 2Dc in the base chain 3)

 *dc in next 2sts,  2DC in the next stitch* repeat ** around

 (you are increasing by 1 in every 3rd stitch around

 Slip into top of ch2, to join (48) 

 at this point will measure Newborn 3.75 inches across 0-3 months 4.5 inches around 4.25 inches across (3 months)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet


NOTE: Newborn size work as follows but finish after you have worked round 9
JUMP TO Round 11 and complete hat from  rnd 11  onwards....(you will have 12 rounds completed for a newborn )

Rnd  5 to Rnd 10: Ch2, starting in the base of Ch2 , Dc in each stitch around(48)

(Your hat will be taking shape now) Slip into the top of ch2 to join on every round

Rnd 10- Rnd 14: (Ch1 at the beg of each rnd) Sc in each st around. Slip into the top of ch 1 to join

The finished length for hat from top to bottom edge should be for NEWBORN is 4.75 inches and 

The finished length for 0-3 months is 5.5 inches. If you need to add in an extra round please do so here. 

free corchet baby hat pattern FREE crochet pattern lisaauch


How to Crochet a Simple crochet flower

Magic Circle
10SC into circle, slip st to join,
Chain 3, 10 sc into 1st chain on hook, slip to join to top of Ch 3 (10sc)


how to crochet a baby hat free pattern

 *Ch 2, slip into next stitch* repeat from ** around until you have 10 loops (if you want a 5 petal 6 petal just adjust by skipping stitches in between)

crochet baby hat pattern free with crochet flower

Slip into st base of 1st loop and work 
chain 2,  3DC in loop for petal,  ch2 slip into base of 1st loop.
slip into 2nd loop *chain3, 3 DC Chain 2, slip into base of petal loop and slip into start next petal*

crochet baby hat pattern free with crochet flower

Continue working in each petal from ** around. finish off and weave in ends.
crochet baby hat with crochet flower free pattern

To finish thread a simple ribbon through the last round of Double Crochet Posts
I usually leave a long tail to attach the flower to the hat. Or you can just leave without the Ribbon 


Hat pictured is the newborn size of this pages pattern 

EASY Booties crochet pattern found on my website here 

More Sizes NOW Available


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Have you considered Making Crochet Hats for donating to the hospitals I like to make a few from the odd ends of yarn I have leftover and put them aside until I see a hospital shout that they are needing some baby hats for their maternity wards? 

The favourite Newborn hat for donating is the 

Easy Ribbed Crochet Baby Hat Pattern (BEGINNER FRIENDLY Crochet pattern with Photos) 

baby hat crochet pattern

Easy Ribbed Baby Crochet Hat Pattern FREE 


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