How to Crochet a 3 Braided Chunky Headband (DIY)

How to crochet a Headband Earwarmer that has 3 braided strands. My daughter wanted me to crochet a braided headband ear warmer for her this winter. 

How to Crochet a DIY Braided Chunky Headband Pattern Crochet
3 Strand Braided Headband Earwarmer 

The main braid of the earwarmer had to be made with 3 crocheted strands and woven together. 
I was actually taken aback at not only how stunning this crocheted ear warmer is and how easy the braided headband part was to crochet.  

And once my daughter posted it on her Instagram the requests came flooding in for a written crochet pattern for the Braided Headband so folks could make it themselves.

I will list the materials needed to help you to  DIY and make your own along with the pattern below. 

The Braided Headband that is crocheted but Looks Like Knit 

These Crocheted braided Headbands ALSO SELL well at Craft Fairs, I have found that darker colors, greys, beige, and some deep plum colors sell the most. 

At a craft market, I always keep ONE as a display as you will be surprised at how many orders you can get.
I ask for a commission payment towards the materials in case they are never to be seen again, and the finished headband just goes into my stock for the next market, so technically I have not lost out.

Fast EASY Crochet Project Stretchy headband earwarmer pattern FREE

This is another Best Seller at Craft Stalls and Markets.
It is a very FAST and easy to crochet Project  (Knit look) Stretchy Headband 

So I have tried to make this as easy as possible to replicate the free crochet braided headband pattern. Use these measurements below to help you crochet a headband that fits. 

The braided parts of the headband should measure at the length you require (By the time you crochet the pieces and plait them together, it will shrink in size BUT we then add some rows at the back to join. It will fit the correct size.

How wide should a braided crochet headband be? 

The headband once plaited should measure more than 4 inches to be a warm earwarmer and headband. 

How many chains do you need to crochet a headband? - Starting chains for The Braided Earwarmer should measure : 

  • Adult Small Woman = total headband measurement = approx 19'
  • Adult Medium - total headband measurement = approx 20'-21'
  • Adult Large - total headband measurement = approx 22-23''
You can also mix up the yarn weights and hooks to make this braided headband for any size. The grey one is 2 strands of Aran weight together, making it nice and chunky.
I have made the pattern easy to understand and you will make 3 braids joined together, from the starting chains of Each strand.

If you are a visual learner I have made a crochet headband tutorial on youtube for those who wish to see how to crochet the earwarmer and how to plait the braids.

Please I have NO sound on the videos but have added the relevant information as required to complete the Headband. I have a very thick Scottish accent and would need the subtitles anyway to translate 

Material Required: 

  • ANY yarn and HOOK (as Long as you follow the Measurements stated) 
  • I used 2 strands of ARAN weight yarn held Together for the main picture of the Braided headband
  • 5.500 mm hook 
  • A kebab skewer (or something long and thin to hold the pieces together whist crocheting along the edges of the strands to join.)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors. 


 Look closely at the photo to SEE where to make the Slip stitch along in the Second ROW 
  • All strands are worked in the same way.  you simply ch the same lengths each time after completion of ROW. 

DIY Braided Chunky Headband Pattern Crochet
Starting chain of ROW 2 is Shown HERE 

To start the Crochet Braid strands for the Headbands (MAKE 3) 

Chain 62, (OR length required to fit Head) 

Row 1: In the back bump of the chain dc, continue working 1 dc in each chain until the END. TURN 

Row 2: (working into the stitches as you normally would) slip stitch, back along the ROW. (this pushes the TOP of the previous ROWS front and back loops to the front

Row 3: working INTO the Front TOP loop of ROW 1. (this will be just below the slip stitches ), Dc in each front loop along to last. 

DO NOT FASTEN OFF , Continue working the next row 

Starting the 2nd braid

Chain 62,  (see image above in notes) 

Repeat the instructions from  the first strand from Row 1, Continue working like this until you have 3 strands 

Joining and Braiding the Crochet Headband 

Row 1: Sc 10 sts EVENLY along all 3 strands to join 

Crochet headband tutorial FREE - Youtube

Row2: skip 1 st, sc to end (9sts) 

Row 3: skip 1 st, sc to end (8sts) 

Row 4: skip 1 st, sc to end (7sts) 

Row5: skip 1 st, sc to end (6sts) 

Row6: skip 1 st, sc to end (5sts) FASTEN OFF , leaving a long tail to join later. 

Free Crochet Braided Headband Pattern

Using the Skewer or something long and thin. or you could secure the end with a heavy book. This is to help keep the Pieces flat and in place to evenly Pait the strands. 

How to Plait The 3 Strands Pass one outside strand across the center strand and then pass the other one across the center one. Repeat alternating one side and then the other.

How to Plait 3 strands together to make a headband Crochet Pattern FREE

Secure all the Plaited Crochet strands into position, (I use the wooded skewer)  to hold them into position so I can sc 10 sts evenly along to JOIN all the strands in their position. 

Repeat as for the first side 

Row 1: Sc 10 sts EVENLY along all the EDGES of the 3 strands to join 

Row2: skip 1 st, sc to end (9sts) 

Row 3: skip 1 st, sc to end (8sts) 

Row 4: skip 1 st, sc to end (7sts) 

Row5: skip 1 st, sc to end (6sts) 

Row6: skip 1 st, sc to end (5sts) FASTEN OFF , leaving a long tail to join

SEW the BOTH ends of 5 sts together, ensure headband is not twisted and the Braid lies flat 

Fasten off and weave in all ends 

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