Free Crochet Pattern Braided Headband (5 Strand Braid )

How to Crochet a Braided Headband Earwarmer Pattern (5 Braid).  This is another braided crochet headband in my series of free crochet patterns for braided Headband Earwarmers. 
FREE Crochet Pattern Braided Headband 5 strand Headband Earwarmer - Free Crochet Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet
5 strand Headband Earwarmer - Free Crochet Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet 

This is a FREE written pattern and tutorial for the Crochet Braided Headband Ear warmer to help you create the very popular 5 Strand braid Crochet Headband. 

You are going to be pleasantly surprised that I am going to say this is an easy crochet headband for beginners. 
Crochet Braided Headband / Ear warmer tutorial | Easy crochet Headband
How beautiful does the 5 Strand Braided Earwarmer look- (yarn used was a Double Knit and a 4.500mm hook to make for a small adult) 

The crochet braided headband pattern is also a quick and fast crochet project. 

The Earwarmer is a big hit at the crochet craft fairs and markets and is a bestseller.

I can make several in a few hours and then plait the strands together to achieve the braided effect. 

I have included some helpful tips when it comes to braiding with the 5 strands. (Video to Be Confirmed) 

I also have the very popular 3 Strand Braided Headband Pattern available for FREE on my website 

Braided Ear Warmer Crochet, Free Crochet Pattern Braided Headband,FREE Crochet Pattern
Braided Chunky Headband Earwarmer FREE Crochet Pattern 

I am often asked How wide should an Earwarmer be? 

I like my finished headband ear warmers to be at LEAST 4 inches wide. 

This ensures good coverage of the ears. But obviously if making it smaller then adjust your width to suit. But you will not go wrong with 4 inches in depth. 

How many chains do you need to crochet a braided headband and How many inches should a crocheted headband be?

The number of chain stitches needed to start a headband /Earwarmer will depend on the hook and yarn weight that you choose.

The BEST way to ensure your headband will fit is to Chain the number of chains needed to achieve your headband size, (Head circumference minus 1 inch) 

I have found these sizes (below) the best that i work with. 

But remember for the BRAIDED headband crochet the length will shorten as we weave the pieces together. 

  • Adult Small Woman = total headband measurement = approx 19'
  • Adult Medium - total headband measurement = approx 20'-21'
  • Adult Large - total headband measurement = approx 22-23''

So for example: If I was crocheting a headband for my sister-in-law who is a Small Adult I would chain a length to reach approx 19 Inches. 

With the Braided Headbands, there will be some loss in length AFTER we braid the pieces. 

However, the length will resolve itself when we reach how to join the pieces braided pieces of the headband together. 

And remember the more the ear warmer is worn the more it will stretch out.
NOTES before Starting the Braided Crochet Headband 
  • The pattern is written in US terms
  • In the beginning ROW, you will be Working INTO the back bumps of the chain stitches. 
  • You could use Any size hook and yarn weight just ensure you follow the headband size guides.
  • ALL the braids are made in the same way connected to each braid and joined as you 

FREE Crochet Braided Ear Warmer Headband Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet 

By the end of working you will have 5 identical strands, all joined together. As shown in the picture below 
Crochet Braided Headband Braided Headband Pattern
To make the plaited crochet ear warmer headband you need 5 identical strands joined together. 
In your Chosen Yarn and Hook

 ( For the Wine coloured headband I used Hobbi Mega Aran and a 5.50 mm hook ) 
The Grey was Double knit and a 4.50 mm hook 
Start by chaining the length you require (for me it was 60 +3 to start) 
63 ch

ROW 1: *Working INTO the back bumps of the chain stitches. Skip first 3 sts and dc into the 4th back bump on chain stitches from hook, Dc in each back hum of stitches to end. DO NOT FASTEN OFF 

Chain 63 stitches * 
Repeat from  ROW 1 from * to * until you have 5 full Strands. 

Joining and Braiding to make a Crochet Headband 

Braided Ear Warmer Crochet, Free Crochet Pattern Braided Headband, Easy Crochet Headband Pattern
What your headband will look like once finished the Rows below 

Row 1: Sc 10 sts EVENLY along all 5 strands to join 

Row2: skip 1 st, sc to end (9sts) 

Row 3: skip 1 st, sc to end (8sts) 

Row 4: skip 1 st, sc to end (7sts) 

Row5: skip 1 st, sc to end (6sts) 

Row6: skip 1 st, sc to end (5sts) FASTEN OFF, leaving a long tail to join later. 

How to Make the 5-Strand Braid

I initially got very confused about making the 5-strand braid as I was so used to making a Plait with 3 strands.
Make sure you secure the TOP of the Headband or place a book over the top so it holds in place as you weave the pieces together. 

MAKING the 5 strand Braid
To make the 5 strands If you remember to always have 3 strands to the one side, and 2 strands to the other side. 
Free Crochet Pattern Braided Headband Easy Crochet Headband

* Taking the outside strand of the 3 weave over, and under to the middle, now you will have 2 on one side and 3 strands  on the other * 
Repeat * to *  Until you reach the end 

Braided Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern
  • To make the 5-strand crocheted braid you are bringing the outside strands over and then under to the Middle.
  • Secure these Ends into the final position,( I use a wooden kebab stitch or knitting needle)  and work SC evenly along (space 2 sc EVENLY in EACH strand) 
  • Continue Working as for the TOP of the Earwarmer until you have 5sts left. Fasten Off leaving a long tail to weave in
free crochet pattern braided headband braided ear warmer crochet pattern
Sew Both ends together 

Sew Both ends together ensuring your headband braid is lying flat and not twisted. 
Fasten off and weave in ALL ENDS 

Headband with Crochet Flower 

Mens Free Baseball Cap Earwarmer Pattern 

Stretchy Toddles Crochet headband with BOW - FREE Pattern 

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