How to crochet a Newborn Pumpkin Hat (FREE Crochet Pattern)

How to Crochet a Pumpkin Baby Hat with this FREE crochet Pattern. You will be very surprised to see just how easy it is to make this crochet pumpkin baby hat. 

free crochet pumpkin hat for baby crocheted pumpkin hat
Crochet pumpkin hat with a fold-up brim and crochet stem

I have added in some photos to help guide you to crocheting the Halloween pumpkin-style hat, and how to add on a crochet stem (spirals) to the pumpkin hat if you so wish to.

If you would prefer I have added the Pumpkin Hat and Booties, and the patterns are available in a printable PDF. You will be taken to PAYPAL secure Checkout and your Document will be sent to your email upon checkout (Ravelry is where you will buy the pattern from) 

BUY Pumpkin ~Hat and Pumkin Booties Crochet Pattern 

I  have also included a handy Hat Size Chart, so if you want to make a larger size you can, by following the measurements. (To make the Hat fit any size you will Chain the hat HEIGHT measurement, (remember to add extra for a BRIM) and then work until the circumference measurement is met. 

As this little pumpkin hat is made in a rectangle strip then join the seams together to make a tube, and sew the top tightly to close (top of hat) 

If you have never crocheted a hat before and need a step-by-step guide to crocheting an easy baby hat You can visit my page HERE

how to crochet a newborn baby hat

 Oh no NOT another little newborn crochet pumpkin hat pattern I hear you say But let me explain This pumpkin hat pattern was originally published in a very old online publishing site I was a member of. 

Anyway Someone sent me a message with the original photo (2012) the other day asking for the patterns For the little pumpkin crochet hat, and pumpkin booties. 
Pumpkin hat and booties crochet
I mean they are cute, But even I can see the Patterns need some  updating 

I had just started my crocheting journey as a beginner.  and although I could crochet the items I was not at the stage of writing down the patterns for them. I think this little set shows my growth over the years, I was always able to crochet things if asked, but lacked the skill of writing them 

Size of This Pumpkin Hat to fit NEWBORN. (I will add in several child sizes to let you make the hat for a child too) You may need to click on the picture below to view the sizes chart for crochet hats

TO crochet the pumpkin hat you will need a tape measure 

You will chain the LENGTH of the HAT HEIGHT required (see chart above to see your hat circumference = chain length to start. remember to ADD on MORE chain stitches IF you want a turn-up) 

Crochet Pumpkin Baby Hat pattern is Written in US terms

The yarn I USED for This Pumpkin Hat: Double KNIT - orange(2 strands held together) Double knit Yarn GREEN 

The crochet HOOK size I used for the pumpkin hat: is 6.00mm 

Please note I am an extremely loose crocheter you may need to adjust the hook size, (or use the measurements provided to ensure your crochet pumpkin hat will FIT.) 

ch- chain 

hdc - Half Double Crochet 

BLp - Back Loops of the stitch. 


Hat circumference = 12”            

Hat Height =       5”      

Hat Width =    3.75”

NOTES: I wanted a large turn-up on the hat so I have made the chain LONGER  than the length of the hat required. (I literally kept making a chain and folding up the bottom to see how it looked. 

how to crochet a hat with a fold up brim that fits
If wanting a FOLD UP brim please ensure you add in sufficient chains at the start to incorporate the fold up into the starting chains

 (Then remember to adjust accordingly how many green stitches and how many orange stitches you would like if you are making it bigger) For newborns, I wanted 5 sts in green. 

When you turn your hat and change colors make sure all pieces of yarn are all kept on the backside. 

Crochet NEWBORN Pumpkin Hat PATTERN starts HERE 

Using orange, make a LOOSE chain of ch 22 in ORANGE ch6 in GREEN. (28 sts)

ROW 1: (GREEN) in the second chain from the hook, slip st in next 5 sts, on LAST stitch pic up the Orange yarn and finish the stitch, in orange work the next 22 sts in BACK LOOP OF the stitches of the previous row, ch2, TURN. (5 Green sts, 22 Orange sts = 27 sts) 

ROW 2: (in Orange)  Back loop hdc in next 22 sts, in Green, slip stitch, in next 5sts, ch1 TURN

How to crochet pumpkin hat, free croche tpumkin hat pattern FREE
Continue working Row 1 and Row 2, changing colors as you work until desired length/circumference of hat is required) 

Repeat Rows 1 and Rows 2 to the desired length for this hat I will continue working in the established pattern for 12 inches

Crochet Pumkin Hat pattern free

For this pumpkin hat, I made my crochet project 12 inches wide (measurement of hat UNSTRETCHED)

FASTEN off leaving a long tail to sew the seam, sew seams together, to GREEN then use the end of the green to sew up to the TOP of the hat, weaving in between the ridges of the slip stitches, thread through and pull tight to close. Fasten off

To make the spiral crochet stem for the top of the pumpkin hat. 

how to crochet as stem for a pumpkin hat

Using new green yarn slip to join into any of the GREEN ridges and chain 21, working 3sc into the second chain from hook, and in every stitch back up towards the top of the pumpkin hat, and slip to join back onto the ridge of the hat, (REPEAT as many times as you like, I made 3 curls in total for this hat ) 

 Fasten off and weave in ends 

crochet baby booties

FREE Crochet pattern - Pumpkin Crochet Booties 

I have added a new Baby Set of Hat, Booties and a Diaper Cover for a Halloween Photo prop for a newborn 
simple easy crochet baby set hat booties and diaper cover 0-3 months

My Favourite EASY Plushy Pumpkin Patterns (3 Sizes) FREE 

crochet pumpkin patterns 3 sizes
FREE crochet Pumpkin Pattern 3 SIZES 

A fantastic Halloween Croche decoration and These sell So WELL at craft fairs in the autum. is the Easy Pumpkin Widspinner 

windspinner crochet pattern free
FREE Crochet Windspinner Pumpkin Pattern 

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