How to crochet a Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FREE Crochet Pattern - Lisa Auch Crochet

FREE Crochet Cardigan Pattern made from Granny Squares! Step-by-step written crochet pattern to make the Sunflower Granny Square Motifs, and the half sunflower Granny squares to be able to make the Sunflower Granny Square cardigan. 

Sunflower square cardigan crochet pattern How to crochet a Granny Sqaure
Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FRONT VIEW 

Once you have made your squares it is so easy to sew them together. and I will show you how to create a neat ribbing around the cardigan that finishes the look off perfectly. 

Even I was surprised at how easy this crochet project was.  

This is a LONG intensive, Image heavy Pattern, I run ads on my website to help pay my bills. It has taken me weeks and weeks of working on it, to rip it out and put it together to achieve the final look. 

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sunflower cardigan crochet pattern FREE
Crochet Sunflower Cardigan - BACK VIEW 

Ever since I started making anything with the sunflower granny square I have been in love with it, and when I made the sunflower bag, I dreamed of crocheting a fabulous sunflower square cardigan. So when I was asked to crochet a sunflower cardigan. I jumped at the chance. I have written out how I crocheted the sunflower squares, and the half squares and will talk you through the construction, and layout of the cardigan. 

TO make the Sunflower crochet cardigan, you will need 22 FULL Squares

free crochet sunflower granny square pattern
Crochet Sunflower Granny Square for a Cardigan

and x 2 Triangle  Pieces. 

Half sunflower granny sqaure for crochet cardigan
Crochet Triangle Granny for the sunflower cardigan (FRONT) 

Once my cardigan was all sewn together (note I originally made the cardigan a LOT bigger /longer)  but after consultation, the customer wanted a more bomber style (shorter) cardigan.  

I then finished off around the cardigan by slip stitching up the front, around the neck, and slip stitch down to the bottom again, this gives you a lovely neat finish and when working the simple ribbed border, you will slip into each of the slip stitches to connect the ribbing to the cardigan neatly. 

So make sure the original SLIP STICH around the front and neck of the cardigan is as LOOSE as you can make it (even use a hook size up) This adds to the look and will appear professionally finished. 

I have written out the pattern on this page for the FULL sunflower Squares, and the written pattern from the Triangle Sunflower half squares as I wanted a more fitted look at the front of the cardigan. 

If you are a beginner at crochet You will need the  Easy sunflower granny square free crochet pattern, which includes step-by-step pictures to help you make the first few rounds. 

How to crochet a cardigan in the right size. 

I played around with the sizes of the square and hook sizes and decided I wanted quite a baggy crop top for a size 16 PLUS size UK (LARGE BUST)  (although please note pattern terms used are written in the US) 

I used these measurements to work out the size of the square needed 

1. Cross Back- Measure from shoulder to shoulder. ( divide by 4) ADD this number to the original measurement and then divide by 4 again. = measurement required for individual SQUARES. 

 (I  wanted a very loose cardigan so I made my squares BIGGER than this measurement) 

2. Arm Length- With the arm slightly bent, measure from armpit to wrist.

3. Upper Arm- Measure around the widest section of the upper arm located above the elbow.

4. Armhole Depth- Measure from the top outside edge of the shoulder down to the armpit.

5. Waist- Measure your waist at the smaller circumference of your natural waist, usually just above the belly button.  

Other sizes can be found HERE

How many Squares Do you need to Crochet A sunflower Granny Square Cardigan 

For this sunflower granny square cardigan, You will require

  •  22 FULL SQUARE Sunflower Granny Squares 
  •  2 HALF Granny Squares, 
  •  2 Under arm Gusset inserts. 

I have made the cardigan without the gussets and just used 6 squares for the sleeves but We hated how it sat and pulled you around the underarm, so the solution was a little bit of creative crochet, I will explain later how to crochet the Under arm gusset. 

How to Crochet the Puff Stitch used in the Sunflower Granny Square needed for the cardigan  

How to crochet the puff stitch
3hdc puff stitch - Source - Yarnspirations 

First, pull up the yarn on the hook to a height of double crochet.

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (3 loops on the hook). 

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (5 Loops on the hook).

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (7 loops on the hook).

To finish the Puff stitch, Yarn Over and Pull through all 7 loops. = (1 Puff Stitch Made)

How to Crochet The 4 Double Crochet Cluster st 

It's Very easy to work the 4 Double Crochet Cluster st =you will work 4dctog all worked into the same space of previous rounds Ch2 space. 

I used a 4.5mm hook and 8x 100g balls of King Cole Cherish Baby Double Knitting, 1 100g ball of brown double knit yarn, and 1 x 100 g ball of yellow yarn.

 Pattern is written in US terms  


Please note pattern terms used are written in US

PUFF stitch - See how to crochet the puff stitch above 

4dc Cluster stitch -  work 4 dc together 

slst - slip stitch 

ch - Chain

dc - Double Crochet 

sts - stitches 


Please take note of the starting chains as you will work back into them to finish/start rows. 

Work loosely if you feel you need to go up a size then please do. As we will need to work back into these chains later in the triangle. 

In Brown

Rnd 1: Ch5,

Working into the first chain from the hook. *make 1 Puff stitch, ch2* repeat 3 more times, ( 4 Puff sts,) ch4 and slip into the First chain you have been working INTO. slip stitch UP to the top of the chain at the start. 

Rnd 2: Ch4,

work the FIRST PUFF stitch between the chain and first puff st,(*into the next ch2 space *ch2, PUFF st,ch2, PUFF st*,) repeat  2 more times, Ch2, work 1 PUFF stitch into the last space between the last puff st and chain, do not a chain but work a dc stitch into the top of the chain from the previous round. (fasten off) 

sunflower granny square free pattern
Row 1 - Row 2: 

Return to the beginning to join new color to start at the top of round 2 chain start


Rnd 3: Ch4 to start,*into the next chain 2 space 4dc-cluster st,ch2,* and repeat *to * a further x2 times, Ch2, working all in the next chain 2 space,(4dc-cluster st, ch2, 4dc-cluster st), Ch2, *working into the next ch2 space from previous round, work 1 4dccluster stitch, ch2 * repeat from (* to *) a further x2 times, ch2 and dc into the top of the dc stitch of the previous round to finish. 

granny square sunflower pattern - cardigan

Return to the beginning and join new color to start at the top of round 2 chain start


Rnd4: ch5, (working between the chain and the first cluster stitch), 3trc sts into the first chain 2 space of yellow round, in the next ch2 space work 3dc sts, in next ch2 space work 3hdc, next ch 2 space work 3dc sts, in the next ch2 space work [3trc, ch3,  3trc](corner) in the next ch2 space work, in the next ch2 space 3dc sts, in next ch2 space work 3hdc, in the next space work 3dc, in the last space work 3trc,ch4 and slip stitch to the top of last rounds dc stitch, continue to slip stitch loosely and evenly right along the raw edge of the square,(including previous rounds edges  ) making 1 slip st into the chains, continue to the very last ch. 

Easy sunflower granny sqaure pattern (HALF for Cardigan)

IN WHITE (starting at the beginning of the previous round) 

Rnd 5:  ch5 and work 3 treble crochets into the space between the chain and the previous rounds' treble crochets, in the next STITCH work dc along to the next corner, and in the previous rounds corner work  (3treble crochet, ch3, 3 treble crochet- corner made), in the next space work 3dc,(4 times) on the last space work 3treble crochet, work 4ch, and slip to the top of the last row to join, continue in slip stitch working ALONG the long side slip stitch 

free sunflower granny Square pattern (half square)

Rnd 6: Ch4, work 2dc into the first space, and work dc in each stitch along, at the corner work, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) Corner made, and continue to work dc along the second side. work 2dc into the last space, and finish with a chain 3 into the top of the last round) 

How to crochet a half square for a sunflower crochet crdigan

If you would like to see the Original Granny Square with Sunflower  center then you can visit the original Sunflower Granny Square HERE, 

as you can see it has 2 rounds of the Classic granny Square! whereas for the cardigan pattern, we are going to make 1 round of the granny stitches and then a round of double crochet stitches worked into each stitch of the previous round
How to crochet a sunflower granny sqaure

How TO crochet the Sunflower Granny SQUARE Pattern For the Cardigan 

In Brown 

Rnd 1: Ch5, Working into the first chain from the hook. *make 1 Puff stitch, ch2* repeat  7 more times, ( 8 Puff sts,) ch4 and slip into the First chain you have been working INTO. slip stitch UP to the top of the chain at the start. 

Rnd 2: Ch4, *work (1 puff st, ch2, puff st, ch2,) * ALL into ch2 space of the previous round Repeat * to * around, ch2 to start  *Puff stitch, ch2*  (16 Puff stitches) (16 Ch2 spaces) 

free crochet sunflower granny square pattern
Change to YELLOW 
This round will be made up of 16  4dcClcusters worked  into the same space =  work 4dctog in the ch2 space

Rnd 3: Ch4 (counts as first dc) 3dctog cluster into the first ch space of previous round, ch2, *4dctog cluster, ch2 in next ch space* repeat around, slip INTO the first chain 2 space,  (16x 4dctog Clusters)  

free crochet sunflower granny square pattern

Turning The circle into the Square 

Change to WHITE:

Join White yarn in ANY chain 2 space of the previous round. 

Rnd 4: ch3,  (counts as first TrC ) 2treble crochet in SAME space,  ch3, 3 treble crochet (corner made)  

*in next space make 3dc, in next space work 3 hdc, in next sp work 3 dc, in next space work (3tr ch3, 3tr- corner made)* Repeat around, slip to join and then slip st along to the Ch3 corner.  

free crochet sunflower granny square pattern
What Rnd 4 should look like for the Sunflower Square 

Rnd 5: Chain 4 to start, work another dc into the chain spaces, ch2, 2dc, dc in each stitch along to the next corner, work (2dc,ch2,2dc) all into the chain space from the previous round. 

The final round Of the Square is worked in double crochet and (2dc,ch2,2dc) into the corner chains of previous rounds. You can if needed keep adding the dc rounds to make the squares bigger. 

How to Sew all your Squares and Triangles together to make a cardigan. As I said I started out making a longer cardigan and had taken photos of the longer style, however after consultation with the customer they wanted the short bomber-style cardigan. So I have no images of how I put this cardigan together. 

However, I have made some graphics of the layout so you can still make the cardigan. 

NOTE: these Graphics can be saved to your computer so please click on them to enlarge to read
I find it a nicer finish if I hold the 2 sides of the squares together and sew over the BACK loops of each sides stitches together  together 

You will require 20 FULL Sunflower Granny Squares in Total and 2 HALF Granny Squares. Lay them out as shown and pin them in sequence before sewing. You can also check it will FIT here, by measuring when all together. 

How to crochet a Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FREE Crochet  Pattern - LisaAuch Crochet

How to construct the  Sleeves for the Cardigan is as follows. 

How to crochet a Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FREE Crochet  Pattern - LisaAuch Crochet


I joined my white yarn at C on the MAIN cardigan on the underarm (see Graphic on MAIN BODY for C placement) 
working in Double Crochet ALONG the row, ch2, TURN. 
Skip first st, and work Dc in each stitch to the end. Repeat Until you have 2 stitches left. This should measure the length of 2 squares. 
Pin into Position and SEW together by connecting the sides of the sunflower squares and the raw edge of the triangle just made. A-A, and B-B as shown, if you have no stitches left, just keep sewing the sides together until no stitches are left. SEE the image below (this is a VIEW of how the underarm should look when sewn together) 

Hot to Crochet sunflower crochet cardigan pattern free

And the TOP of the Sleeves you will sew  together where the 3 ch2 points ALL meet from the 3 squares   From the back panel/front/arm  to complete the construction of the cardigan (see pic below) 

sunflower crochet cardigan pattern free

How to crochet a neat ribbed border around your cardigan. 

I always make the LOWER part of the ribbed border 
To start ensure the Right side of the cardigan faces you
Join yarn and work LOOSELY around the bottom of the cardigan. In the same Yarn slip stitch along ALL the stitches of the squares to the next side. Ends with a slip st into the VERY last space. DO NOT FASTEN OFF 

EASY Crochet Ribbing Pattern for Cardigan

Chain 11, working INTO the second chain from the hook Slip stitch back along the chain just made, Slip to join INTO the next slip st,  (10sts) 
Ch1, working INTO the second chain from the hook and in the back loops of the previous row's stitches to end, 
Ch1 TURN, working in back loops  Slip stitch back along the row,  Slip to join INTO the next slip st,  (10sts) 

Repeat in every stitch around. Do not fasten off 

Again ensuring the right side of the cardigan is facing you, slip stitch EVENLY and LOOSELY up the front of the cardigan and, around the neck edge, and back down to the bottom. 

You will be working the ribbing exactly as before, however, you will want to place buttonholes. you can choose which side and at what spacing you prefer them. 

To crochet  a buttonhole for the Cardigan 

Ch1 slip st in the next 4 sts, chain 3, and slip stitch into the rest of the stitches until the end, TURN Ch1, and work a slip stitch in back loops of all stitches. 
This technique gives a perfect edge, now you see why we slip stitches along the side of the Half Sunflower, It creates such a clean edge. 

Fasten off and WEAVE in ALL ends securely. 

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