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Easy STAR Pentagon Granny Square Crochet Pattern - EASY Crochet Star Bunting or Garland

 The Easy Quick to Crochet Star Pattern (Crochet star with 5 Points) is also known as The Granny Square Pentagon. You can make this crochet starts in MINUTES. And This is an Easy, Quick crochet project using leftover scrap yarn.

Crochet Star (pentagon) how to crochet Bunting FREE pattern
5 Point Star Granny Pentagon an easy Quick crochet project. 

The pentagon grannies, even though it has 5 sides. can be used to make crochet blankets, crochet bags, crochet cardigans or like we did, Create a Celebration Star Garland, in Red White, and Blue colored yarn. 

crochet granny star quick easy crochet decorations free patterns

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This crochet star can be used to make a delightful colorful crochet bunting garland to decorate your indoor or outdoor space or as we used it to decorate around the gazebo poles for a recent garden party. I also made 2 star Pentagons, (but I went down to dc and single crochet stitches)  and sewed them together, and made a tassel to turn it into a crochet windspinner for the garden too 

This red white and blue star garland was a LAST minute plea from the organizers of a street party the community was having so I literally had 1 day to make something colourful in crochet and to hang from the gazebo! I was going to make the more traditional bunting of the triangle flags, however, I WAS really pushed for time, So I came up with these cute hybrid granny square stars! 

They are not just EASY to crochet but the stars are a real QUICK crochet project to sit and make up, and once you have made one or 2 the pattern is so easy to memorize, your off! 

I have a Star Amigurumi Plush pattern available for free on my website too. 

Free Crochet Star Pattern 

Once enough crochet stars are made Simply create a very long chain and slip the crochet stars onto it as you work it (I did NOT fasten in position so that by the time the chain length was wrapped around the poles of the gazebo, the stars could be moved around easier into position, but you could easily work a chain around the chain 4 space where you wish the stars to sit. ) 

Crochet 5 Point STAR Pattern 

slst, slip into the stitch to join

TrC - treble crochet 

chsp- chain space 

For THE Red white and Blue star pattern I used US terms.  IF I was making a bag or cardigan I think I would drop down a stitch, replacing (Trcrochet with dc) (Dc with single crochet) but KEEPing the chain spaces as is, to make it a bit tighter. 

Double knit Yarn in RED, White and Blue and a 4.5 mm hook. 

TO START : Using the first color 

ROUND 1: Chain 5, also Counts as the first TrC, Working All the NEXT stitches INTO THE first chain, make a further 2TrC  *chain 4, 3TrC into the ring* repeat from * to * 3 more times, slip to the 4th chain at the start to join, FASTEN OFF, Pull the long tail tight to close. (I weave in ends as I go it makes it super easy at the end) 

How to crochet a Granny Pentagon
You will have (5 x 3trbl sts, 5 x 4ch spaces) 

ROUND 2: Join new yarn color HERE in ANY ch4 space, If you are going to crochet multi-colored stars, 

Ch4, (counts as first treble crochet)2tr, ch4, 3trc in same space (1st corner worked), ch1 *work (3TrC, ch4, 3TrC, into next chain 4 space, ch1 repeat from *to end, join with ss into ch4.

You will have (10 x 3 TrC sets, 4, 5 xch4 spaces, 5 x ch1 spaces) 

ROUND 3: Join new yarn color in Any Ch4 space (corner) 

working into the ch4 (counts as 1 TrC) 2tTrC in same space, ch4, 3TrC into the SAME  Space.  (First Point of the Star worked)  

1dc into the next ch1 space, *work (3TrC, ch4, 3TrC) into the next ch4 sp, 1 dc into next 1chsp,* rep from * to END, join with a slip st into the top of ch4, fasten off 

I find lightly spraying with water, and then pinning onto a blocking board helps to shape the star. Make as many as you wish for your crochet project. 

easy crochet star pattern- free crochet garland patterns to decorate
Crochet Pentagon Star being Blocked
TIP: Pices of Cardboard cut and laid on top of each other make a super quick blocking board for the stars  

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