Easy Headband Crochet Pattern - HEAD BAND with a Twist front.

HEADBAND with a Twist front. Crochet Earwarmer/headbands are the main accessories in our house over the colder months. 

Crochet this easy headband with a cute front twist. It's a fabulous beginner project, Making the headband uses simple stitches, single crochet, and double crochet. 

Although this pattern is written for an adult, it really would be easy to customize it for other sizes. 

easy crochet headband pattern

The Pattern is written in US terms. And is made for Adult Large 23-24 inches. 

I used less than 50 grams of Double Knit Yarn and a 4.50mm hook 

TO Start The Crochet Headband 

Ch  21 (20+1)

ROW 1: Sc in 2nd  chain stitch from hook and continue to work 1 single crochet in each of the next chain stitches = 20 single crochets. 

ROW 2: ch2, and work a double crochet into the base of the chain 2, continue Working 1 double crochet in each stitch across, (20)

Row 3: ch1, Make your first single crochet into the  base of ch1, and continue working Single crochet in each st across  (20) 

Continue working a Row2 and a Row 3. Repeat until your work measures  8 inches, Finishing with a double crochet ROW you are now going to divide your work into 2 parts as follows. 

Work 1 SC  in each of the first 10 stitches, turn and work back along with these 10 stitches  

Continue the established pattern of double crochet, single crochet rows, back and forth over thees first 10 stitches until it measures 5 inches from where it was divided making sure that the last row is a Double Crochet ROW. 

Go back to the unworked 10 stitches and join yarn 

Workover the 10 stitches in the same way as the previous length (adjust measurements/rows to make them equal). You need to make sure you END on a double crochet row.  

Easy Crochet Headband with a twist FREE patterns

Cross the first part over the second part. (you will single crochet across the first piece and then join single crochet along with the second piece. ) 

crochet headband easy pattern FREE

Continue to work in an established pattern over 20 stitches until the piece measures 23 inches. . 

Fasten off.

TO finish 

Sew together in outer loops of edge stitches.

crochet headband free pattern

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Crochet Headband pattern with a twist front

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