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 Twisted Front Crochet Headband Pattern FREE. Looks like Knit! But it's Crochet. Easy beginner-friendly crochet headband/ear warmer that twists at the front or back depending on how you wish to wear it. These twist-front crochet headbands are my BESTSELLER at craft stalls, and online. I have included 2 videos to show you how to crochet the Knit look stitches. This will help you even if you are a beginner at crocheting. They also do not take up much yarn so are perfect yarn stash busters, and I Love playing around with colors for them. 

headband earwarmer crochet pattern Free

The Camel Stitch is worked by working up and through the hidden Third Loop of the previous rows stitch. 

The Camel crochet Stitch gives a lovely braided effect to your work 

We will work a slight variation of the camel stitch on alternative rows, by working into the BACK of the 3rd loop, 

 The combination of working the Camel stitch(3rd loop HDC)  and working the  Back 3rd loop HDC gives your crochet project a knit and purl effect.

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Free Crochet Pattern Ear Warmer Headband

Twist-Front Crochet Headband Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

My Finished Size: 20 inches width

To make it bigger or smaller in width, you can add or subtract starting chains. 

Please be aware and account for the stretchiness of your crochet fabric and or how tightly or loosely you crochet.

 You will make a chain to Start that will measures 1.5' less than your head circumference. (Start the Chain very Loosely ) 

For example, if you are making this headband for a medium-sized adult with a head circumference of 20'. 

you’ll want to chain enough stitches to make an ear warmer that measures 18.5'.

For starting row you will be working in the BACK bump of Chain 

How many Chains you will need to make the ear warmer headband for different sizes.  

Make a Chain length to start 

Toddler: 17'

Child: 18

Teen: 19'

Small adult:20'

Adult Medium: 21'

Adult Large: 22'


Suggested Yarn: 

Yarn Weight: Double KNIT (2 strands worked Together (or an Aran weight) 

Hook Size: K / 6.5 mm

You’ll Also Need

yarn needle to sew the seam

tape measure


Written in US 

PLEASE read instructions carefully 

Camel Stitch - working into the third loop.  Instead of going through the usual space to start your stitch, look for the angled stitch below where you would normally insert your hook.  by working into this third loop (the one sitting at a diagonal Which can be found just under the top front and back loops,) in the front of your work. 

BACK 3rd loop Camel Stitch -  worked by inserting hook into the BACK of your work around the Diagonal part (aka 3rd loop) of stitch, and then continue finishing OFF the HDC stitch. 

Please WATCH the Video Below 

FREE PATTERN Crochet Ear Warmer and Headband 

crochet headband twist front crochet pattern

Ch 60 + 2 (62) (or the number of chains suggested or to fit your specific measurement ) 

Row 1:  To start Half Double crochet into the Bump of the 2nd chain, HDC in each bump (st) to end of the chain.  TURN 

Row 2 (Wrong Side ): Ch 2, work 1 Camel Stitch in each st across, 

Row 3: (with Right Side Facing YOU) 

Ch 2, BackCamel Stitch, in each st working by inserting hook into the BACK of the Diagonal part of stitch, and continue finishing OFF the hdc st. TURN

Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 until you reach your desired height of headband. 

(this must be deep enough to cover ears). 


TO make the Twist and join the Headband

Lay the headband horizontally with the Right Side facing up.

Fold the headband in half depth-wise on each side to make a C shape, Ensuring Right Sides are together. 

crochet headband pattern with a twist

By holding these 2 C shapes in each hand. Bring folded sides up to interlink the 2 C shapes as sown in the picture. 

 You will now have 4 layers to stitch through.

Using the long tail you left from the last row sew the edges together. 

Fasten off Neatly 

Flip inside out and the seam will be hidden inside the twist.

crochet headband pattern twisted headband crochet pattern free

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