Crochet Windspinner Pattern FREE written pattern

These crochet wind spinners are amazing. And such an EASY Crochet Project. That uses up those little balled-up end pieces of scrap yarn. I have made these in many themes and given them as a crochet gift which has been lovingly received. 

A Super easy crochet project and will use up any yarn ends you have lying around making them a great yarn stash buster project. 

crochet windspinner pattern FREE

 You can Make the yarn spinners as long as you want. 

Make a chain any number you wish I have found with this pattern 66 chains to start makes a perfect wind spinner. 

These wind spinners make amazing crochet gifts for a gardener or someone who loves flowers. 

Even on winter days, it will bring joy. 

You can USe ANY yarn and ANY suitable hook for your yarn. 

I recently made a Poppy Themed crochet wind spinner and I just love it! 

FREE POPPY Windspinner Crochet Pattern 

I have added the crochet wind spinner pattern in UK terms please follow ( ) within the pattern. 

TO make this Bee Windspinner as pictured in crochet you will need

1. I used 1 x 1 100g ball of James C Brett Chunky 1 x Black and  1x Yellow

2.  4.00 mm hook. 

3. The Crochet BEE PATTERN  available for FREE HERE

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Please note before starting to crochet the wind spinner


as the spiral grows and curls You may find it begins to twist out of shape simply twist the spiral all in the same direction 

You will work in ROWS until the last stitch where you will finish. Breaking yarn and leaving a LONG TAIL. 

Fasten off the last stitch by working as normal but by pulling your yarn through the last stitch completely. 


Working EVERY ROW and work in the SAME direction 

Since I made the first few I have added some changes

1. I have Flipped the Spinner upside down (This makes Zero change to the spin-ability just changes the color pattern) 

2. Placed the Crochet bee there at the TOP of the Spinner

3. Added several strands as a tassel to the bottom

4: Only Used 1 piece of Yarn attached to the TOP to use to hang it (definitely makes it spin better)


IF the wind spinner is waving side to side it is TOO windy! for the spinner!  

That is why I originally put the Bee at the bottom to add some weight as living here in the Highlands of Scotland IS windy! 

Free wind spinner crochet pattern 


Written in US terms but I have added in the UK TERMS which are in  ( ) to make this as simple as possible for everyone to make 

Chain 66 (65 +1)  ( or any length you desire) 

ROW 1: single crochet (Double Crochet)  in each stitch along. Fasten off leaving a long tail 

(Starting at the same place as ROW 1 started) 

ROW 2: 2dc ( 2TRC)  in each stitch. Fasten off leaving a long tail 

(Starting at the same side as ROW 2 started) 

ROW 3: 3dc (3 TRC) in each stitch. Fasten off. Leaving a long tail 

(Starting at the same side as ROW 2 started) 

Row 4:  Sc (dc)  in EACH stitch along the spiral. Fasten off. Leaving a long tail. 

Knot all the tails at the bottom and leave them loose to hang in the wind. 

I used a length of BLACK yarn to create a loop at the top of the spinner, to be able to attach it to a branch or hook. 


You have now completed the Crochet Windspinner 
If you would like to  Crochet a BEE to put on the bottom of your windspinner 
Please Visit 


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