BEST GIFTS for someone who Loves to Crochets- Gifts for Crochet Lovers

 What is the BEST GIFT to give to someone who loves Crochet? 

I am often asked what would I recommend as a gift to get for someone they know who loves to crochet, whether it be a mom, daughter, sister, auntie friend, uncle, dad, brother, or anyone else you know that crochets. 

I am forever grateful to the people who realize my hobby is also my passion. I LOVE crochet and everything 

1. YARN 

Pretty Obvious, but what type and kind of yarn to buy someone who crochets can be mindboggling. 

If you know the person relatively well and know their favorite color then that makes it easier. However, beware the yarn thickness and textures vary. 


I'm going to have to say  as my number 1 favorite of what to get someone who crochets as a gift is 

BUY a Voucher for YARN. is a wonderful online yarn store where you can find anything you need for all your craft indulgences
best gift idea for someone who crochets-knits-yarn gift voucher

DO NOT assume this is an easy way out! no siree it is NOT! I and anyone who crochets or knits will spend MORE time looking and drooling over yarn than actually crocheting with it sometimes. 

I Would LOVE THIS! I mean anybody who works with yarn has a dream of walking into the shop (or online store) and adding all their favorite yarns to the cart! 

HEAVEN! absolute heaven. Don't believe me, Buy a voucher for yarn and just watch their eyes and face light up with delight. And even better WAIT until the delivery! 


The vouchers are E-vouchers and can come in several amounts making it easy on every budget. 

2. Yarn Storage ideas makes a Fantastic gift 

Now we have the Yarn we need to have somewhere nice to store it. I Love having a Working Bag that can take all my work and hold my hooks

I LOVE this funky leopard print bag. It ticks all the boxes. Ensuring my work is kept safe and clean. 

If you Live with the person who is crocheting or knitting I can guarantee you you will have had a row for using their YARN SCISSORS. 

I Love these delicately decorated silver scissors. 

best gift ideas for someone who crochets


4. Crochet Hook SET

now I will assume your gift recipient has their favorite hooks, however. I personally can never have enough Crochet hooks.  Again though these are a minefield. SO I would casually be asking what type of crochet hook they prefer to use before buying hooks. 

There are the popular CLOVER Hooks 
best gifts for someone who crochets

You can BUY this set of Clover CROCHET HOOKS HERE 

I Love these little sets. They are Budget-Friendly Gift ideas and have every size you wish plus a lively carry case to keep them in. This is a lovely gift to give. 



Best Gifts to Buy someone who crochets

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