Crochet a small BEE FREE PATTERN (EASY)

 Easy Simple Crochet Bumble BEE PATTERN This is a small Amigrumi style crochet bee, its super fun to make and an easy-written pattern to follow 

crochet bee- bumblebee crochet pattern free

Update: I have added changes to the small crochet bee on how to make an even smaller BEE using the same pattern, I have also altered the pattern to be NO SEW if you choose. Keep reading for the FREE Crochet Pattern 

I saw the most adorable small CROCHET BEE, whilst I was out and about and it had been made and 

placed in a little clear bag with a Bee Kind message printed on a tag.  

'I am not lost but If I made you smile please take me home #randomactsofkindness'

I was desperate to get home and crochet a little small fuzzy bumblebee of my own. And I wanted to crochet a small BEE to put at the bottom of the Crochet wind spinner I had just made. 

SEE the Windspinner Crochet Pattern HERE 

The small crochet bee is adorable cute and can be used in many circumstances, perhaps to add some colour to a crocheted wreath or a cute addition to a crochet flower bouquet! 

Over the years I have learned to LOVE Bees. I am fascinated by beekeepers and the work they do.

But also how our bumblebees are SO important to our planet.  And how easily we can help save the bees by encouraging them into the garden by planting bee-friendly plants and flowers.

Some task in the North of Scotland! Where I live! but I'm learning and finding new and wonderful plants that bees will find attractive and will survive our cold north winds. 

Also, I love that the BEE is also the Symbol used in the Bee Kind message, in regards to mental health and online trolling. 

SO I HAve written a fun easy crochet pattern for a small BEE

Free crochet Bee pattern 

crochet bee small pattern no sew crochet projects

What you will need to Crochet the Small Bee

Yellow Chunky Yarn or For keychain  size USE Double Knit - Shop Best Deals on AMAZON*

Black Chunky Yarn or for small keychain-sized bee use Double Knit - Shop Best Deals on AMAZON*

4.00mm hook for a SMALL Key Chain Charm use a 3.500 hook  - Shop Best Deals on AMAZON*

Black safety eyes or you can embroider 2 eyes onto the bee. Shop Saftey EYES HERE*

Yarn needle

Abbreviations US Terms used 

sc - single crochet 

sl stitch to join- slip into the first stitch of the round to join

2sctog- Work 2 sc together to decrease 1 stitch. 

Best Tips to make your Small Crochet BEE

  • Weave in ALL ends as you go. 
  • In the first few rounds DO NOT join, 
  • work continuously, until you join the BLACK yarn, 
  • slip to join round at the end of each color.  for a neater color join 
  • Wings can be made in one piece and then sewn in place to the body of the bee, OR Follow instructions to slip to join the wings. 

SMALL Crochet BEE Pattern (FREE ) 

With yellow and 4.00mm / 3.5 or a 3.00mm hook

make a magic ring or Ch2 and work First Rnd into the First chain

Rnd 1: 6 sc's in-ring or the 2nd chain from the hook, (6 sts) (DO NOT JOIN) 

Rnd 2: 2 sc's in each sc around (12sts)

Rnd 3: (sc in the next sc, 2sc in the next) Repeat ( ) around (18st)

Rnd 4: (sc in the next 2 sts, 2sc into the next st) Repeat ( ) around st (24) (DO NOT JOIN)

Rnd5-7: sc in each sc around,  

AT THE end of RND 7, Slip stitch to join last st, to First st of the round.

Rnd8- Rnd 9: in black, sc around, change to yellow at the end of 9
how to crochet a bee - been windspinner

YOU CAN MAKE THE BEE ANTENNAS HERE: Using the picture for help for placement use black yarn and pull through a length of black yarn on Rnd 5 above where you will make the bee's eyes secure at each side by hooking around a stitch of the round and chain 4. Repeat for the other side and , fasten off 

Rnd 10- Rnd 11: sc around with yellow, Change to BLACK at end of Rnd 11

Rnd 12- Rnd 13: in BLACK,  Sc crochet in each st around,


or continue Change Back to yellow for final rounds. 

small crochet bee pattern FREE NO SEW crochet projects

Round 14: in yellow, sc around, slip to join , START Stuffing the bee here
Round 15: (2sctog, sc in the next 2 sc,)  Repeat around
Finish stuffing the bee
Rnd 16: work 2sctogether, around,  and fasten off, leaving a long tail for finishing off (as your work is very tight at this point 
use the end of your hook to help push stuffing into the end then weaving the tail through the scs of the last round. 
Pull tight and secure.


Make all in one piece or join to bee as you go

Crochet bee wings

free crochet bee pattern


Sc in 2nd ch of the hook,  hdc in the nxt st, dc in next 3 sts, slip stitch in next st, (use the middle slip stitch of the wings to  attach the BEEswings to its body)  

Use pic for the guidance of placement

free crochet bumble bee keyring charm

The second part of the wing 

ch1, Dc in next 3 sts, hdc in next, sc in last ch 

Fasten off and weave in ends neatly

bee crochet pattern

If you are making the Tiny Bee for a Key Chain 
charm attach the keychain 
just before the slip stitch for the wings. 

bee crochet pattern bumble bee crochet keyring charm

I also have a cure little rainbow keychain charm 
you may be interested in. It is also a very good seller at Craft fairs and online. 

Rainbow keychain easy pattern free

Free Rainbow 

Keyring charm HERE 

crochet bee pattern

If you would like to crochet the
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