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Womans Crochet Crop Tops (FREE Crochet Patterns)

Free woman’s Crochet summer crop top patterns

My daughter has asked me to make her a cute but simple Crochet Crop Top that she can wear this summer. like the one pictured below. 

crop top crochet pattern free.

It seems everybody is looking for similar patterns, whether it be a crop top, crochet bikini bra type top with edging. So I can see this being a busy summer for me. Like so many we get sent a random picture of something and asked if we can make it. After searching for the pattern I found it.

 The original Picture is From Drops and the crochet pattern comes in several sizes. Sizes - S- XXXL. With an option to Print and download the PDF of the pattern. I also noticed a few other gorgeous cute little top pattern available for free on their site too 

The piece is worked from the TOP DOWN and worked in the gorgeous Drops Paris. there is a handy diagram with sizing on the page too 

 And of course its a free crochet pattern 


My daughter wants to be summer-ready this year and with the restrictions, we've all been living under the last year she is ready to attend all the days out she can. 


I have found some more gorgeous little crop top patterns for free, and some with tutorials making these a fantastic little project for beginners. I have also tried where I can to have minimum disruption to you, as I am getting more and more annoyed at clicking on links on Pinterest and going around in circles. 

If I come across any more nice easy beginner-friendly patterns, that I think you will appreciate, 

I will share them here with you all too. 

Like so many we get sent a random picture of something and asked if we can make it. After searching for the pattern I found it. The original Picture is From Drops and the pattern comes in several sizes. And of course its a free crochet pattern. 

Well to be honest she has sent me several pictures of what she would like me to make her. 

So now I'm on the lookout for cute, easy crochet crop top patterns, and which are free. 

She's not too bothered about the style whether it be a crochet Halter top or a crochet bralette with some nice edging or maybe fringing. 

Please Click on the HIGHLIGHTED links BELOW the image, to be taken to the individual designers of the easy crochet halter, strappy, and bralette style crop tops. 

Please remember the designers who do provide their patterns for free rely on you to visit their actual websites, and if they have a comments section please drop them a little thankyou. It really does mean the world to us. 

crop top free crochet pattern- summer top pattern free
I LOVE this 70s vibe festival crochet top and I'm in love with a new designer I have found the 'Unhappy Raveler' they have several cutesy crop top patterns available on their blog for free. 

Crochet Duck Pattern

A cute little Crochet Duck Pattern (made all in one) all you just need to add are the beak and wings. My grandson is obsessed with the nursery Rhyme '5 little ducks'. 

SO of course I just had to crochet them for him. (each one is approx 10 cms)

Crochet Duck pattern FREE- free crochet duck pattern

I used a 

3.50mm hook

 any Double Knit Yarn 

Rnd 1: ch2, make 10 sc in First chain. DO NOT TURN. (10sts) 

Rnd 2: 2sc in each stitch, repeat around (20sts) 

Rnd 3: 2sc, sc in each stitch, repeat around (30sts) 

Rnd 4: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 5: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 6: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 7: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 8: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 9: sc in each stitch around 

Rnd 10: sc2tog, sc in nxt stitch* repeat around (20sts) 

Rnd 11: sc2tog, Repeat around (10sts) 

STUFF head firmly here 

Rnd 12: 2sc in each st around. (20sts)

Rnd 13: 2sc, sc in next * repeat around (30sts)

Rnd 14: 2sc, sc in next 2 sts * repeat around (40sts)

Rnd 15: Ch 5, 2sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in next 3 ch, sc into next stitch on body

 sc in every st around the body, work sc along the backside of the chain 5. 2sc in last space

place marker here  (but do not slip to join)  (49) 

Rnd 16: sc in nxt 4 sts, sc2tog, sc for 38, sc2tog, sc in next 4sts. 

Rnd 17: sc in nxt 3sts, sc2tog, sc 38 sts,  sc2tog, sc in next 3;sts, 

Rnd 18: sc in next 2sts, sc2tog,sc 36sts, sc2tog, sc in next 2sts, 

Rnd 19: sc in nxt st,  2sctog, repeat around 

Rnd 20: sc in nxt st, 2sctog, repeat around 

Stuff neck /body firmly here 

Rnd 21: 2Sctog in each st around


Rnd 1: Ch2, work 6 sc into first chain.  (6sc) 

Rnd 2: 2sc in next 3 sts, sc around (9) 

Fasten off . 

Fold beak in half. (the 2sc part will  be the top of the beak)

Position onto Ducks head, and sew to join.

weave in ends 


ch2, 6sc into 1st chain on hook

2sc in nxt 2 sts, (hdc, dc) in nxt st, ch2, slst in second chain from hook

(dc, hdc) in nxt stitch, 2 sc in nxt 2 sts. 

Embroider eyes on with Black yarn 

Fasten off and weave in all ends

How about making a bigger crochet Duck with my FREE pattern HERE 

Crochet Duck pattern free crochet duck pattern

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