How to Crochet a Horse a Hat Free Crochet Pattern

 Crochet Horse Hat Pattern Yes you read that right. How to Crochet your HORSE a HAT complete with Pom Pom! 

crochet horse hat pattern free

My clydesdale is 18 months old and  I used a 5.00mm hook and chunky Yarn, but I also have put this hat on my fully grown clydesdale.  

US terms used example ( US DC = UK Trblecrochet)

If you have a horse available to measure you need 

Size between his ears 

And the measurement from below his ear to the top of his eyebrow.  

I would love to see what youve made so please tag me LisaAuchCrochet if you post it online

Ch 17
Row 1: Dc in 3rd chain from hook, Dc in next 14 chains, Chain 2 TURN (15)

Row 2: Dc in each stitch across, Chain 2 TURN (15sts)

Row 3 to Row 8: Dc in each stitch across, (15sts)  at the END OF ROW 8: 

Chain 15, TURN (14sts = 15 chain sts)

Row 9: Dc in 4th chain from hook, Dc in next 12 ch sts, Dc in next 14sts, Ch2 TURN (26sts)

Row 10 - Row 17: Dc in each st, Ch2, TURN (26sts)

Row 18: Dc for 14 sts,Ch2 TURN (Leave remaining stitches Unworked)  (14sts)

Row 19 to Row 25: Dc for 14 sts, Ch2 TURN (14sts)

(you will have an Upside Down T shape see picture below) 

horse hat crochet pattern - how to crochet a hat for a horse

Row 26: Dc 14sts, Ch 12, Work the NEXT Dc INTO the First top corner of the Front of Hat,
Dc EVENLY into the SIDE of the Rows 9 to Row17 to create 18 sts)
Ch 12, Dc INTO End of ROW 1 to join, Dc to last stitch) (70sts in total)

horse hat crochet pattern free - How to crochet a hat for a Horse

Row 27: Dc in each st across, Ch2, TURN (70 sts)

Row 28 to Row 31  Dc in each stitch across.

Continue until you have completed working 35 ROWS However If you want a Ribbed Border

Crochet horse hat patterns free How to crochet a horse hat

Join Cotrasting colour at ROW 32 and Work, 

Row 32 to Row 35: Ch2, Front Post DC in first stitch, Back Post Double crochet in next. (Repeat Across. )

weave in Ends and Attatch Pom Pom This video is my favourite and creates a perfect wobbly pom pom every time


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