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A Crochet Christmas Wreath Free Easy Pattern

 Crochet Christmas wreath decoration for your tree 

christmas wreath crochet pattern around wooden ring


I was looking for easy christmas decorations to crochet. and whilst looking aorund my sunroom I saw these old curtain rings, that I had planned on using them elsewhere in the house, but after a wash and scrub they still looked a bit tatty. 

 So instead of reusing them  I just  kept them thinking I could use them for something.

How to Crochet a Horse a Hat Free Crochet Pattern

 Crochet Horse Hat Pattern Yes you read that right. How to Crochet your HORSE a HAT complete with Pom Pom! 

crochet horse hat pattern free

My clydesdale is 18 months old and  I used a 5.00mm hook and chunky Yarn, but I also have put this hat on my fully grown clydesdale.  

US terms used example ( US DC = UK Trblecrochet)

If you have a horse available to measure you need 

Size between his ears 

And the measurement from below his ear to the top of his eyebrow.  

I would love to see what youve made so please tag me LisaAuchCrochet if you post it online

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