Free Crochet Pattern Baby Hat and Booties (NEWBORN)

Crochet Hat and Crochet Booties Pattern EASY and beginner-friendly! These Booties and matching hats make a fantastic crochet gift for a newborn infant, as they are a very quick last-minute crochet gift idea for a new arrival. 

The little hat is also a perfect size to crochet and donate some of the hats to hospitals.  

They always sell well at craft fairs, they are easy to crochet and so quick to make up. 

free crochet pattern newborn baby hat  and booties set

Ellas NO Cuff Cute Baby Booties and Hat FREE Crochet Pattern (0-3 months)
3.5″ Length of foot

4 mm (G) hook Baby Aran

Booties (Make 2)
ch 10.

Rnd 1: 2 hdc in 3rd ch from the hook (counts as 3 hdc),
1 hdc in each of next 6 sts, 6 hdc in last chain. (Pull tight to close )
working back along the opposite side of the chain sts just worked,
1 hdc in each of next 6 stitches, 3 hdc in last chain.
sl st to top of the 3rd ch at the start of the row.  (24)

Rnd 2:  Ch 2, 1 hdc in same ch . (Counts as 2 hdc in the first space)
2 hdc in each of next  2 sts,
1 hdc in next 6 sts,
2 dc in each of next 6 sts,
1 hdc in each of next 6 sts,
2 hdc in each of last three stitches.  
Sl st to top of 1st hdc. (36)

Rnd 3: Ch 1,  1 sc  all around in back loops only.
Sl st to 1st chain to close. (36)

Rnd 4:  Ch 1.  1 sc in the next 10 sts.
hdc2tog 6 times over next 12 sts ,
1 sc in next 13 sts
sl st to first ch to close. (29)

Rnd 5:  Ch 2, 1 hdc in next 8 stitches,

1 hdc2tog,  2dc2tog (3 times),

1 hdc2tog, 1 hdc in next 10 sts.  
Sl st to 3rd ch to close. (24)

Rnd 6:  Ch 1.  1 sc in next 6 stitches,
1 xhdc2tog over next 2 sts,
2 dc2tog, hdc2tog, 1 sc in next 8 sts.
Sl st close. (18)

Rnd 7:  Ch 1, 1 sc or sl st  all around including same ch as ch 1 space and last slip stitch space at the end.
(19 sts)

Rnd 8:
Ch1,( slip st into next st, ch1) Repeat around slipping into ch1 at start.
fasten off and weave in ends to finish



Chain 4, work 12 Dc (double crochet) into the FIRST chain on hook.
slip into the 3rd chain from start to join pull tight to close.

Rnd 2: chain 2, dc in same space,  2Dc into each stitch around, slip to join  (24)

Rnd 3: Ch2,  (2dc, 1dc) repeat around slip to join (36)
Rnd 4: Ch2, (2dc, dc in next 6sts) repeat around, slip to join ( 42)

Rnd 5 to Rnd 8: Ch2, dc in each stitch around, slip to join (42)  

Rnd 9: ch1, sc in each stitch around. slip to join (42)  

Rnd 10: (Ch1, slip stitch into next space) Repeat ( )  around for a decorative finish.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Chain 10 (leave enough of a length of yarn to create the Chain TIE later)
slip into the FIRST chain on hook (1 tie made)
Chain 10 Slip into the First chain on hook (In same space as above)
Return to the beginning length and Pull up a Loopthrough The SAME place as before,
Create 6 ch sts. FASTEN OFF

 This little hat and Booties would match my Newborn Crochet Baby Dress Pattern (FREE) 

free crochet newborn dress pattern lisaauch

    you can find the pattern HERE 

free crochet patterns baby sets cardigan hat booties

How about adding in a NEWBORN CROCHET CARDIGAN (beginner-friendly pattern ) to the Hat and booties to make the perfect coming home set for Baby 

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