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Crochet Baby Hat with Earflaps Newborn A FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

crochet earflap baby hat free crochet pattern
Baby Newborn Earflap Hat Free Pattern
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Ribbed puffy sitiches used to create a beautiful cosy baby hat 

Skill Level: You must be able to work several Front Post Double Crochet around previous rounds stitches.

Yarn - Baby Double Knit (use 2 strands held together) 
Hook – 6.00mm hook
Optional : Large Pom Pom maker

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Abbreviations are written in US
CH = chain
ST(S) = stitch (es)
SLST = slip stitch
FpDcCluster = work 2 Front Post Double Crochet Together around previous rounds specified stitch
DC = Double Crochet
SC = Single Crochet
BLO = Back Loop Only
I crochet extremely loosley


Finished size
Crown Diamater: 4 inches
 Circumference will fit 14/15  inches, 
Length Top to brim 5 inches, 
To Base of ear 7 inches

Use 2 strands held together ( I often use the beginning and middle of ball of yarn  ) 
With 6mm hook make a magic circle or ch4 and work 11 DC into the first ch.

Rnd 1: Ch2, work 11DC into a circle, ss to first DC ( pull tail to close.) (11 DC)

Rnd 2: Ch2, 2DC in same space as ch2, 2DC in each DC around, ss to first DC, 22, (22DC)

Rnd 3: ch2, 2DC in same space as ch2, 1DC jin next DC,*2DC in next DC, DC in next DC**rep to last st 
(17 FPDcCluster 16 HDC + the ch2) (33sts)

Pattern Round:

Rnd4 to Rnd 9: Ch2, FPDcCluster around the FIRST DC STITCH of previous round, HDC in next stitch, (FPDcCluster in next stitch, HDC in Nxt) repeat ( ) around, ss to top of ch, ( 33 Sts)


Brim and Earflaps
Row 1: ch1,SC in BLO in same st as ch1, SC in BLO loosely in each st around slip to join.
Row1 ch1,1Sc in same st as ch1, working through BOTH loops, SC in nxt 5 STS, TURN (6sc)
Row2: ch1, Sc in BASE of Chain, and sc in next 5 Sts, TURN(6sts)
Row 3, ch1, Skip Base of chain stitch and sc in next 5 Sts , TURN (5sts)
Row 4: ch1, Skip Base of chain stitch and sc in next 4 Sts , TURN (4sts)

Row5: ch1, Skip Base of Chain stitch, and sc in next 3 Sts,

2nd earflap
With middle of back of hat facing you count from end of ear flap across the FRONT 12sts
Work as for 1st ear flap working, in NEXT 6 Sts,

Join Yarn at centre BACK of hat to complete LAST row and TIES.
(This looks complicated but its actually VERY easy)
Ch1, working in each stitch of BACK of HAT SC BLO in each stitch
until you arrive at the ear flap,
Work 1 SC evenly spaced down the side of the ear flap,
SC in the First Stitch of LAST row of ear flap, Chain 41,
SLIP STITCH BACK along the chain you have just completed
finishing with another SC into the SAME space,
continue with a SC in the 3rd stitch of LAST row of the ear flap, and
Work 1 SC evenly spaced up the OTHER side of the ear flap,
Now Working ALONG the FRONT of the hat.
SC BLO in each of the 15 stitches.
Work 2nd ear flap and TIE as the FIRST,
and once finished 2nd ear flap, continue working the SC in BLO until last stitch.

free crochet baby hat with earflaps Free crochet pattern
My Grandson wearing his little Puff Earflap Hat

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