Pixie Crochet Bonnet for Newborn (FREE Crochet Pattern )

(FREE crochet pattern for a newborn crochet hat in the style of a Pixie Bonnet, (newborn size) but can be made bigger easily. 

free crochet pattern baby newborn child pixie bonnet

This cute little Pixie Bonnet is absolutely adorable on a newborn. It has a slight peak at the crown and ties at each side of the face to keep secure and snuggly warm for the baby.

crochet newborn hat pixie bonnet pattern baby free
Crochet Baby Bonnet

My daughter recently gave birth to a little boy and everything has been grey, But I've also made this in a beautiful vibrant red yarn with white fur trim at the face all ready for the winter Christmas Season

You can actually make this ANY size by making sure the LENGH - measure roughly from the bottom of jawline over the head to the opposite jawline and WIDTH = side front of the face 
(just in front of the EAR to middle Back of head 

crochet baby bonnet pixie

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For example, bearing in mind total Length x Width

Newborn (11” x 5”),   (HINT: do not stretch the chain when measuring )  +3 Chain

3-6 months (12” x 5.5”)  +3 Chain

6-12 months (14” x 6.5”) +3 chain

4.500mm hook 

Gauge: 4 HDC = 1 inch Please NOTE: ( I crochet extremely loosely so to achieve your length and Width please adjust your starting chain or Hook Size) 

The bonnet pattern is written in US terms and you will be working in the HDC stitch, slip stitch 

FPHDC = Forward Post Half Double Crochet
BPHDC = Back Post Half Double Crochet 

Pixie Baby Bonnet Pattern by LisaAuch

I will be making the first size. 

Chain 43, (Loosley, even consider going up a hook size just for the starting chain, this will become the FRONT border where we work the FPHDC, BPHDC so it must be loose) 

Or chain until your length is achieved +3 extra chains

ROW 1: 
work 1 HDC in 3rd chain from hook, HDC in each chain until end.  Ch2 TURN (41 HDC)

ROW 2 to  ROW 12 (or until work measure total width required) 

work 1 HDC in each st, Chain 2 TURN,

HINT: (as you are working these rows start to really loosen off your tension,  if you find this hard to do, make a swap to a bigger hook size halfway @ ROW 6 

FASTEN OFF, leaving a long tail to join the LAST stitch in Row to FIRST stitch in Row (this will become the BACK seam that we will sew up to close) 

 BONNET BORDER for FACE (Change yarn if you wish to preferred color)

Row 13: 
Join NEW Yarn at the FIRST chain at START. 

crochet baby bonnet free pattern

Work HDC in the BASE of the first stitch, (FPHDC around starting rows HDC, BPHDC in next ) repeat to end. 

Chain 41, (creating the Tie)

crochet pixie baby bonnet free pattern

Slip Stitch in 2nd chain from hook and work slip stitch BACK along the chain you have just created. 

Slip to join, to top of last HDC created.
Turning your work to work SC evenly along the NECK of the bonnet, (joining together the stitches at back) 
when you get to the end of first piece slip to join back seam together and Continue working evenly along the neckline in SC until the end,
pixie bonnet easy
work single crochet evenly joining both seams together

Ch41, (creating the 2nd Tie)
Slip Stitch BACK along the chain you have just made, Slip to Join,

Row 14: Work 1 more row (FPHDC, BPHDC ) repeat along the front of Bonnet, slip to join

Ch41, (creating the 2nd Tie)
Slip Stitch BACK along the chain you have just made, Slip to Join,
ROW 14: Work 1 more row HDC along the front of Bonnet, slip to join 

weave in all loose ends neatly

free crochet pattern baby bonnet pixie hat

using a needle sew the back seam neatly together

crochet baby bonnet pattern pixie bonnet

I think these would look so nice in such a variety of colors 

How about making a Matching set of booties making the perfect gift for a newborn baby.

crochet booties, cardigan, hat, bonnet

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