FREE Crochet Blanket Pattern 12 Point Round Ripple Star Crochet Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern 12 point star circle ripple pattern FREE.  I LOVE this Crochet baby blanket pattern for making a beautiful set for baby. In any colour combo, you wish. 

crochet baby blanket ripple star 12 point star crochet blanket free pattern
12 point Star Baby Blanket Pattern
I LOVE making this for a newborn baby boy, It can grow with them. Crochet blanket patterns that are suitable for little boys are actually quite rare to come by and I have been searching far and wide for something to make. 
But I ALSO have made many many multi-coloured rainbow ripple blankets for babies and lovely pink and grey. 
Your choice of colour combos are totally up to you. 

Star Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern FREE
12 point star baby blanket FREE crochet Pattern 

I was considering just winging it and picking a stitch from my favourite book which has over 200 stitch patterns each one beautiful and unique to make a baby blanket with.  I Love this book it has lovely stitch patterns, afghan blocks, and lovely border patterns meaning you can mix and match and make endless unique crocheted blankets.   

baby blanket crochet patterns As I was looking online I found this rather colourful circular 12 point star afghan/blanket pattern and thought it would look fantastic in the chosen colours of Greys that the mum to be had chosen.

I  suppose until we see something made we wonder how it looks so I carried on.

 honestly, about 1/4 of the way through was really dubious on how this was going to look. But as I neared the end and added in the Darker Grey for the border I was Delighted how it all came together.
I saw the 12 point ripple blankets being jazzy and colourful.

I cannot wait to see the baby all wrapped up in his new outfit and ripple blanket shaw

For this Round Ripple Blanket, I used 
And made the little sets with what was leftover 

This is a FREE PATTERN TO DOWNLOAD and PRINT from Ravelry, you will not need to sign in to get this pattern - HERE

As you can see I've also made a little crochet set for the baby which includes a cardigan, booties and a little hat, so this really has been lovely matching crochet set to give as a gift for a new Mumma and her baby.

You can find these patterns are available For FREE on my website
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