An easy Fairisle Crochet Hat Pattern FREE

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Undoubtedly Adults best Crochet Winter Hat Pattern...Ideal Gift idea to make for Matchy Matchy couples, His and Hers Snowflake Hat
I have made several of these hat patterns for my friends and family.
These cool crochet hats are a winner.
The unique Stitch (Waistcoat Stitch SEE Video from Moogly Below) is brilliant as when you go to change colors you just pick up as and when you change colors! 

the Best bit IS THE pattern is written out so if You NOT into following graphs this is an amazing patter, where all color and pattern changes are written out.

I was SO scared to try not only the Graph stitch but the Waistcoat stitch! Which technically is instead of working into the top Loops created by the previous row or rounds stitch you are working INTO the V created by the previous round or rows stitch.  

So it makes like a little love heart. Anyway Its quite a dense fabric created so I Had to work really loosely as I found the further UP the hat I crocheted it started to get tighter drawing the hat in too much. (If your finding that maybe go up a hook size. )

The Faux Fur Pom Pom. I actually could not find ANY white FAUX FUR pom poms .

So I made this one.
I know how cool. I went onto Amazon and bought a meter squared of This Luxurious fluffy fabric Perfect to make Pom Poms from.  I used a bowl to get an even sized round circle.
2. cut a large circle
3. Working into the BACK of the material as its easier, Sew around the edges and  with a little stuffing and pull tight, DO not fasten off yet.
4. use the thread end to attach to the Hat
Ta Dah!

HERES THE LINK TO THE FREE PATTERN Knit Look Snowflake Hat by  Kelsey Daughtry

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