Crochet a Cool Cosy Cowl EASY FAST Last Minute Crochet Gift! (FREE PATTERN)

free crochet cowl pattern

Do you need a last-minute Quick EASY Crochet Gift Idea? 

This gorgeous crochet cowl was made using a fabulous thick bulky weight yarn, it is cleverly made using 3 sizes of hook giving a nice shape to the cowl to fit perfectly around your shoulders and neck. It uses a stitch called the linen or moss stitch, which is a lovely textured stitch usually seen in blanket patterns, however when you work the moss stitch in the round you a wonderful reversible pattern. 
Making this ideal for making a cowl where you see both sides when worn.

Apologies for the Photo Quality but I just caught my daughter going out with her new Cowl on! 

You could make this cowl any size you wish
as it is rather clever how it is crocheted in the round,  as you chain the beginning number required and join into a circle, then chain 2 (counts as first sc,chain 1), *skip first stitch and sc, ch1 in next, * Repeating this all the way around, when we get to where we joined the starting chain, we carry on working straight into the FIRST space made by the chain 2 at beginning and continue working *Skip the first stitch,  sc, ch1 in next, * in a spiral around and for as many rows as you wish.
You will notice the very first round is left with Gaps, we will thread 2 lengths of yarn alternatively through these and tie in a bow to finish.
To be honest you could make this Cowl using any hook size and any yarn weight by following the instructions as below, however, Make sure the Starting chain fits comfortably around your neck and can be pulled over your head.

PLEASE read through this page and all notes before starting. (It is not written like a conventional Crochet Pattern)

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern (Crochet Neck Warmer)
I used a 5.00mm, 6.00mm and a 7.00m hook *

Starting with the LARGEST hook,
Chain  100
Ch2 (counts as first sc,ch,  *Skip first stitch,  sc, ch1 in next, * repeat this sequence around to the join where we will skip over and work into the SPACE made from the first Ch2 we made.
Continue working in the round by *Skip first stitch,  sc, ch1 in next, *

Work 5 rounds with Largest hook
Work further 5 rounds in Middle Sized hook
And finish with the smallest hook
Last Round is single crochet in every stitch around. 
This gives added weight to the bottom of the cowl which helps it sit nicer too.

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