Crochet Slipper Boots A Free Crochet Pattern (How To Crochet Slipper Boots - ANY SIZE )

FREE Crochet Slipper sock Pattern. Easy to Crochet Long or short Cosy Slipper Socks with this super easy beginner-friendly written crochet pattern.
how to crochet slippers for beginners step by step with pictures

These crocheted slipper socks can be made for any size and in any color or finished style you wish.
This is a step-by-step tutorial for crocheting your first pair of slipper socks. In Any Size and In any YARN! 

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 These can be finished off in four ways to create warm, stylish crochet slippers, socks, or ankle warmers.

I am NEVER done crocheting these slipper socks. 

I have crocheted so many variations of these crochet slipper socks. They make an awesome family crocheted gift too 

Easy beginner crochet slipper sock pattern FREE

These are also fantastic sellers at Craft Fairs. 

My Daughter Asked for a new pair of her favorite Slipper Socks. 

I love these funky pink and white striped cozy socks!

easy crochet slippers for adults one hour crochet slippers
The slipper socks are really easy to make either in plain color or why not alternate whatever colors you wish!.

The Easy crochet socks are Quick and make The Perfect Crochet Gift

Why not crochet these fabulous sock booties that are perfect for kids and adults and give them as a gift to a family! 

The Crochet Slipper Pattern is excellent for beginners and more advanced crocheters alike. 
It will stay on your go-to crochet patterns list. 

I cannot believe how many times people have asked me for this style of crocheted sock! I also think it's so popular because it's so easy and has such a simple pattern. 
free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults

I have included step-by-step photos to keep you on the right track.
I must admit, I love making these because they are quick to make, and they're also popular as handmade crochet gifts for family and friends

The slipper socks make excellent last-minute crochet projects. As they are a pretty quick project. 
Why not make These crochet Booties for the Whole Family.

When my niece comes to visit, she begs me to make her a pair of cozy slippers in a color matching her outfit. 
So as she's away playing out with the farm animals I grab a hook and can crochet these little house slippers in less than an hour. So shes got something cosy for her feet when she comes in
easy crochet slippers for adults one hour crochet slippers
Our whole family has cozy long-legged sock-style booties for wearing in the house. 

As the temperatures drop this year, and we are all fighting the cost of living crisis and the astronomical energy prices. 
These crocheted socks and slippers are keeping our feet cozy and warm. 

This really is a very easy crochet pattern to make these toasty cozy slippers which can easily be made into crochet slippers,  boot socks, or can be worn as thick cozy socks.
Following the basic slipper pattern and choosing when you want to finish you can create several styles of crochet slippers from this one pattern. 

It's nearing that time of year again when it's time to think about gift ideas!
free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults
Model Wears LONG crochet Sock (EASY crochet Boots sock made from pattern)

These make a fantastic Crochet Gift idea for men too.  I swear I can't make enough of these as the men in my life also love these crochet slipper socks. 
easy crochet slippers for adults  free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults
SAME Crochet Pattern Different sizes

I don't play around too much with sizing as I found this one pattern just about fits all (Well apart from hubby and my Nephew! whose size 12! just follow the measurement guidelines to make it bigger or smaller 

I just add one or 2 stitches more to the starting round and increase as per the crochet pattern, or like for my niece's tiny feet, I just went down a size in hook and yarn.

free crochet slippersock patterns for beginners

 I am asked every year to make these crochet boot slippers, not only for the ladies in the family but my hubby loves his pair too
Winter socks never go wrong, and I also love mine tucked into my big winter boots or worn around the house as slippers.

Easy Simple easy crochet slippers for adults  free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults
How to crochet Warm Wooly Socks or Slippers for Kids and Adults 

Using this same crochet pattern, you can make kid-size slippers, too! Just switch up your hook and yarn. 

Taking 1 simple crochet pattern and formula you can transform the crochet slippers into Crochet long boot socks or even into cozy slippers with very trendy roll-down cuff booties for teenagers.

Sizes for making Crochet Slipper Socks

These crocheted slipper socks are suitable for men and women, teenagers and kids alike. 
We Live in our cozy throughout the winter months. 

Depending on The yarn and hook I'm using I follow the simple Crochet Pattern and approx foot measurements to make them fit.  
Crochet Slipper socks SIZE Guideline: 

How to crochet slippers to fit, you may find that you will not need to increase in the 3rd ROW as you will be increasing the starting circle UNTIL you reach the DESIRED approx Circle DIAMETER. 

Crochet slipper Measurements are approximate
and will help you to be able to crochet the crocheted slipper socks to fit ANY size.

2- 4 years :
Foot circumference = 5.5 inches
Circle Diameter = 1.75 inches 
Foot length = 6 inches 
Instep Length = 4 inches 
HEEL Length = 2 inches

4-6 years:
Foot Circumference = 6.5 inches
Circle Diameter = 2.25 inches 
Foot length = 7 inches
Instep Length = 4.6 inches
HEEL Length = 2.4 inches 

Child Large/TEEN/ Adult Small:
Foot Circumference: = 7.5 inches
Circle Diameter = 2.4  inches 
Foot length = 8 inches
Instep Length = 5.3 inches 
HEEL Length = 2.7 inches

Adult Medium 
Foot Circumference: = 8.5 inches
Circle Diameter = 2.75 inches
Foot length = 9 inches 
Instep Length = 6 inches 
HEEL Length = 3 inches 
Adult Large 
Foot Circumference: = 9.5 inches
Circle Diameter =
Foot length = 10 inches 
Instep Length = 6.6 inches 
HEEL Length =  3.4 inches 
Adult Extra Large: 
Foot Circumference = 10.25 inches. 
Foot length = 11 inches
Instep Length = 7.3 inches 
HEEL Length = 3.7 inches 

Special Notes. 

Please read through the Full Page. 
This is an easy basic crochet pattern to help you create fashionable crochet slipper boots.  The image below shows What the 3 Sections of the slipper we work .

free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern FREE ALL sizes

THE LONG SLIPPER SOCK PATTERN with photo tutorial 

Materials I used: 
 4.00mm (UK) hook and Double knit Thick Aran Wool (I am an extremely loose crocheter so please follow measurements and possibly adjust hook size)
This made a perfect size 6 (UK) European 39 and US 8.5
or, for even extra toasty-ness work with 2 strands of Double knit wool together.

Abbreviations: Stitches Used ( written in US terms) 
HDC = Half Double Crochet
sl to join - slip stitch to join
How to create the Half Double Crochet Stitch
Make a chain, beginning with the second chain from the hook into the chain stitch, catch the yarn and draw it through the stitch.
You will now have 3 hooks on your hook. 
Put the yarn over the hook and draw through all loops at the same time. Leaving 1 loop on the hook. 
This is a half double crochet

Special terms of note:

Always start your 1st Half Double Crochet into the BASE of your chain 2 at the start of every round.

Where stated finish with a half double crochet into the join slip stitch of the previous row. 

This helps to give the increased shape required for a snug fit by adding 1 extra stitch being created at either side of the chain

How to Crochet the LONG slipper Boot Sock Pattern
I originally made these for me and I am UK woman's size 6 however my daughter wears them and she is a UK 7 (They will stretch!)
I use Aran Weight Yarn and a 4.50mm hook  - Best Yarn deals on Amazon Today  
(please adjust the size of the hook, if needed I crochet extremely loosely) 
The size of the Crochet Slipper in this pattern will make a UK size 6 :

Rnd 1: Ch3, and work 6HDC into the FIRST chain, Slip to join (6sts)
slip to join round

Rnd 2: Starting in the Base of ch2, work 2HDC in each stitch around slip to join round(12)
(check YOUR circle diameter Measurement - HERE) 

Rnd 3: Ch2, 1HDC in the base of ch2, (2hdc in next st, hdc in next) slip to join round (18sts)

free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern FREE ALL sizes

Rnd 4: Ch2, HDC in base of Ch2 and in in Each Stitch around,
Make 1 extra stitch in the round by working hdc INTO the Slip stitch space of the previous round, slip to join, (19sts)

Rnd 5: Ch2, HDC in base of Ch2 and in in Each Stitch around,
Make 1 extra stitch in the round by working hdc INTO the Slip stitch space of the previous round, slip to join, (20sts)
crochet slipper boots free crochet pattern slippers

Rnd 6 to Rnd 16: Ch2, HDC in the base of Ch2 and in Each Stitch around, Make 1 extra stitch in the round by working hdc INTO the Slip stitch space of the, joining stitch of each round. 

(This fits perfectly over my toes along my foot and stops just before my ankle)
We are creating the HEEL part of your sock/slipper and You will now be working in ROWS. 

Turning and working back and forth (HEEL) 
HEEL: Row 1: Ch2, HDC in the base of ch2, HDC in next 20sts. (leaving 11 Stitches unworked,) TURN.

Row 2 to  Row 6: Ch2, HDC in base of ch2, HDC in each st to last, TURN

The Beginning of Row 6 and at the END of Row 6 OF HEEL 
FOLD the HEEL part in HALF to join  together FIRST and LAST stitches together. 
The hole created is the Back heel seams which is sewn together to create the back of the heel
free Crochet Slipper sock Patterns for Adults

To make the Ankle and Leg part of the Crochet Slipper boot.

Now we will working  AROUND the ankle opening, including the SIDE stitches of the HEEL ROWS. 
Join yarn at the back heel seam and work 24sts (26sts for a looser leg) evenly around, (working INTO the side of the HEELS stitches)

Continue working HDC in each stitch in the round until you reach your desired length.
Mid-calf for slipper boots. or knee length for slipper socks/boot socks.
how to instructions to crochet slipper socks  easy crochet slippers for adults

Fasten Off and Weave in Ends

Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern free crochet slipper pattern

THIS IS THE Basic RED CHILD Slipper Crochet Pattern as shown in the Picture (above ).

That I follow when making the slippers for a smaller person. They were made for a Child using a 4.50mm hook and Double Knit yarn and following the SAME pattern.

Rnd1: Ch2 and work 6 hdc into the first chain on the hook, slip to join

Rnd 2: Ch 2, counts as the first hdc, hdc into the base of chain st, work 2 hdc in each stitch around, slip to join,

Rnd 3: Ch2, 1 hdc in each stitch around, making 1 EXTRA stitch in each round by working the last stitch into the Joining slip st of the previous round, slip to join.

Continue working Row 3 until the Toe and front of the foot area are long enough to just before your ankle. INSTEP length

Start working in ROWS

Ch2, hdc in next 14 sts, TURN - Repeat this Row until the piece fits over their toes and you can close the ROWS at the back of your heel - OR

Work sc along with the slippers Top Edge to finish,

Please Note: This is my Original Pattern Originally published 12/18/12 and
I have continued to make amendments to make the pattern even easier and better for you 

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