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Free Crochet Dinosaur Toy Pattern | Nessie The Lochs Monster

Although I like to doodle around and write my own patterns, Sometimes I get to enjoy making a
Fee Dinosaur crochet pattern Crochet the Loch Ness Monstercrochet piece from other Designers Patterns. There are hundreds of free crochet patterns available and I love finding and using them. After searching for a crochet dinosaur pattern. I found this amigurumi brontosaurus and knew its shape would lend itself well to what I had in mind. I made this delightful Crochet Loch Ness Monster. Which was eventually named The Sea Monster by its recipients.
 I am also informed he has been ski-ing in the Alps. And Currently enjoying the View of the Eifle Tower in Paris.
The pattern is FREE down loadable and can be printed.
Although I probably got the flow of the pattern relatively quickly for the shaping I did have a little tinker around and adapted it slightly in places. As you can see my little dinosaur did not need any feet, and I played about with his eyes. I also made the neck slightly longer and more bent over. So as to achieve a more Nessie look.
However it was a fabulous free pattern find on Ravelry (You Do need to sign in but membership is free and a fabulous resource for patterns. 

Fee Dinosaur crochet pattern Crochet the Loch Ness Monster

I do love crocheting toys and the kids just LOVE them too. Here are some of my Favourite crochet toy books to buy like the very unique Amamani Puzzle Balls by one of our friends over at LookatwhatIMade, or every possible animal you can think of in Edwards menagerie

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