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Free Crochet Pattern 12 Inch Afghan Square - Pane in My Dahlia by LisaAuch

Free Crochet Pattern 12 Inch Afghan Square.
I was asked if I would be interested in designing a 12 inch afghan square to take part in a Crochet A Long (CAL) with  American Crochet. 
I was pretty excited, as this idea had been on my to-do list for a while after seeing so many beautiful blankets last year made by joining 12 inch squares.
I wanted something eye catching and this year I had a beautiful Dahlia outside my window, so I wanted to created something that represented the beautiful flower I saw every morning through my window pane.
However actually trying to get a flower into a Square was a little more challenging than I first thought, and I wanted to make this as elegant but EASY as possible to make.

SO here is the Free Crochet Pattern for the Aptly named 'Pane in my Dahlia 12 inch afghan square. 
If you prefer to work with a visual guide to the pattern There is a step by Step Photo Tutorial on my site HERE 

A free crochet 12 inch Square afghan pattern Pane in my Dahlia

Double Knit 5.00mm hook
If you find you have reached your 12 inches before the last round it is ok to finish here.
I used Red Heart Bella  (3 or Double knit) and Red Heart Lisa Both are beautiful and soft with just the right amount of stretch.
Notes: I am a very loose crocheter, The chain loop rounds should be nice and even and loose (If you crochet tighter then perhaps think of using another size up for these rounds.
Again this is a first attempt for me and writing this pattern down so if you come across anything you think is unclear, or could be written for better understanding please do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Written in US terms.
Sc=Single Crochet
Dc=Double Crochet
Bpsc = Back Post Single Crochet
FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet

Rnd 1: Ch 3, 12 dc into the 1st Chain of hook, slip to join top of Ch 3  (12 sts)

Rnd 2: Ch 4,  (counts as 1 Dc Ch1) *Ch1, Dc*  repeat ** around, slip to join top of Ch
  (12 loops created)

Rnd 3:Ch 3, (counts as 1 Dc) *FPDC around previous rounds Dc,  Dc in loop* repeat ** around slip to join top of Ch 3 (12 FPDC, 12 dc created)

Rnd 4: Ch 3, (counts as 1Dc) 1Dc in next available space, FPDC, *1 dc either side of previous rounds double crochet, FPDC* Repeat around.  (Slip to join into space between the first 2 dc. to join )
(12 FPDC, 24 dc created),

Rnd 5:  Ch 4, (counts as 1st Dc and Ch 1 1 of 1st V) dc, working in between the 2 dcs' of each round, create *1dc, Ch 1, 1dc, FPDC*  Repeat ** around, Slip to join into 1st V of rnd to join,
 (12 Vs, 12 FPDC)

Rnd 6: Ch 3, (counts as 1st Dc, a) dc, Ch 1,  2 dc (1st Vst created) FPDC,  working in previous rounds Vs,  *2dc, Ch 1, 2dc, FPDC* Repeat ** around, Slip to join into 1st V of rnd to join,
 (12vs, 12 FPDC)

Rnd 7:  Ch 3, (counts as 1st Dc, ) 2 dc, Ch 1,  3 dc (1st Vst created),FPDC  working in previous rounds Vs,  * 3 dc, Ch 1, 3 dc, FPDC* Repeat ** around ,Slip to join into 1st V of rnd to join, (12vs, 12 FPDC)

Rnd 8: Ch 3, (counts as 1st Dc, and Ch 1 of 1st V)  3 dc, Ch 1,  4 dc (1st Vst created)FPDC,  working in previous rounds Vs,  *4 dc, Ch 1, 4 dc,FPDC* Repeat ** around Slip to join into 1st V of rnd to join, (12vs, 12 FPDC)

Flip your work over to wrong side, bring your working loop to work around the WS

Rnd 9:  *Ch 5, sc around the post of previous rounds FPDC*.  Repeat around, slip to join to 1st Ch of round (12 loops now created)

Flip your work over and continue working Right Side.

Rnd10:  Ch 1, [*5 sc in loop*, * repeat 3 times, Ch 3, (corner created) ] repeat [ ] around. slip to join Ch 1.   (60 sc and 4 x Ch3 for corners)

Rnd 11: *Ch 2, Dc in each stitch until corner, [2Dc, Ch 2, 2Dc in corner]*  repeat **around, slip to join (76 dc, 4 Ch2 corners)

(change color here)
Rnd 12: Ch2, *Dc in each stich around, [2dc, ch2, 2Dc in each corner]* Repeat ** around slip to join,  (92 Dc, 4 Ch2)

Rnd 13: Ch 4 (counts as 1st sc, Ch3 loop)* skip 1 stitch, sc, Ch3* repeat 12 loops along side to corner, [sc, Ch3, sc  IN corner,] Ch3 skip 1 stitch repeat  ** around. slip to join into 1st chain of beginning Ch4. (40 chain loops and 4 chain loop corners)

Rnd 14: Ch5 (counts as 1st sc, ch4 loop)* skip 1 stitch, sc, Ch4* repeat 13 loops along side to corner, [sc, Ch4, sc  IN corner, ] Ch4 skip 1 stitch repeat ** around , slip to join into 1st Chain of beginning Ch4. (44 Ch loops and 4 x Ch loops at corners)

Rnd 15: Slip into 1st loop Ch3 (counts as 1st Dc) dc in same space, *2dc in next loop space and every loop space until corner [2dc, ch2, 2dc in corner]* repeat ** around.
(30dc along each side, and 4 x ch 2 at corners ) slip to join.

Rnd 16:  Ch1, (Back Post Single Crochet, in each stich along sides, ch 2 {Corner} * slip to join.
(30 bpsc along each side, 4x ch2 at corners)
(change color)

Rnd 17: Ch2, *dc in each stitch until corner [2dc, ch2, 2dc in corners] * Repeat around, slip to join.  (34 dc along each side 4 x ch2 at corners)

(Change color)

Rnd 18:  Ch1, single crochet in every stitch around, making 3sc in each corner loop. slip to join.

Rnd 19: Ch2, *back post double crochet, (bpdc) in each stitch until 2nd single crochet of 3sc,  in loop of previous round, ch1, bpdc around next stitch, ch1,  * repeat ** around.  slip to join.

Rnd 20: ch2, *dc in each stitch, until ch1 of precious round work [2dc ch1, ch1, 2dc] for corners * Repeat around. Fasten off.  (40 dc along each  side = 160 dc  with 4 x ch1 at corners)

Weave in ends.

This pattern was designed by It should be used and shared responsibly, always with credit given and a link to this page, in NO circumstances should be copied in whole and put onto another site without MY written permission, This includes uploading to certain sites where you can purchase patterns.  Legal action will be taken for such misuse of pattern
This is and always will be a FREE crochet Pattern available on my site 

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