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Easy Cowl infinity scarf Perfect Crochet Gift Idea (Free Crochet Pattern)

Easy to make crochet infinity cowl scarf neck warmer, Free Crochet Pattern, perfect for an evenings project, quick enough for a last minute crochet gift. And is a fabulous fashion accessory
Free crochet cowl infinity scarf pattern- free crochet pattern- crochet

My sister in Law arrived one weekend, and the weather was turning cold as we live near the beach it is also very windy. She had forgotten to put in her winter  scarf, so I made her this gorgeous Infinity cowl scarf. Which is made to satisfy the need for warmth around your neck however not too bulky to cause discomfort if wearing out for the day dressed up. I have been informed by my Sister-in-law it is the best cowl she has had, and she cannot believe she sat that Friday night and watched me make it up. Less than 2 hours from start to Finish.  
I love the Half Double Crochet Stitch for Cowls its warmth  and stretchiness when made up in a piece makes it ideal for scarves or neck warmers. For this project you will be comfortable working in spiral {rnds) Half Double Crochet, 
Remember to Slip stitch to Join each round, and when joining the starting chain make sure the chain is not twisted.  
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FREE Crochet Pattern to make An Infnity Cowl Scarf

Terms are written in US

I used a 4.00mm hook and 200g Aran wool.  I used Cygnet Aran Cream* (UK buyers)  
Sirdar Supersoft Aran Knitting Yarn Oatmeal (859) (Similar Yarn in US, or any Aran weight yarn)

Ch 180, slip to join to first ch (ensure your chain is not twisted) 
HDC in next available chain and in each around, continue working around in HDC. 

I also named this Cowl the SIL Infinity Cowl (SIL= Sister-in-law)

If you need to join new yarn just join as normal, (weave in loose ends neatly) I find weaving the ends in along the stiches back and forth make a robust yarn join, which does not come out. (and very hard to spot. 

Finish off and weave in ends

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