Free Crochet Horse Pattern - Crochet a My Little Pony

I have been asked many times for a free crochet pattern for a horse or pony, but just could not find the right pattern, until I came across Knit one Awesomes My Little Pony Free Pattern.
Recently I have been spending some time with some rather special horses, so I really wanted to find and make a crocheted horse for their owner, and when I saw this pattern I had to try it.

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I found the instructions very easy to follow and the construction very straightforward. When putting together it is really important you PIN all the pieces onto the body before you start to sew together, this helps to get the right balance, so your horse stands up and looks evenly proportioned. This actually too me 2 nights to complete.
Also noteworthy is there are 2 sizes, standard and school size (smaller) available, and plenty of finishes to make it like their favorite My Little pony, with wings and feathers, or just complete and be as plain as our Little Polly-anna.
The curly tail was achieved by chaining 40 sts and then working 2sc into each stitch along the chain until the end, then following on from the spiral ch another 40 sts, 2 sc into each chain back along....continue working in this manner until you have the length you want for the mane, and make the same as for the tail. Secure tightly.

I am fortunate to have had Molly and Polly- Anna come into our lives I really am loving getting back into the  horsey scene and giving some TLC to some very special Horses. 

Pictures: thanks to the Management at the Himalayas Putting Course St Andrews, Polly Anna has some wonderful scenery behind her with the Old Golf Course Hotel St Andrews at the Himalayas just off from the 18th hole of the old Course itself. Meaning everyone can get to enjoy the experience of  St Andrews Golf.  Even my mother-in-law can now boast she got a hole-in-one at St Andrews.