Crochet Top Tutu Dress for an Older Girl (Frozen Inspired Elsa Tutu Dress Up)

make your own elsa frozen dress - crochet tutu dress for older girl-tutu dressI am in love with the tutu crochet top dresses,  with all the tulle for the skirt.  I recently made one with a crochet bodice for a 6 month old girl to wear for a Frozen inspired Party, and  my niece wanted an Elsa From Frozen Inspired Dress for Halloween. Who did she call? Auntie Lisa of course to make her very own dress. Can't sew or on to see how you truly can buy all the materials and make a no SEW Tutu Dress with a bought Crochet Headband top.  even the Craft Challenged could make a beautiful dress easily.
More importantly it is 9 years old verified, with friends delighted and wanting one too. My Niece just loves it as it has not been off her since she got it!

Since she is growing like a wild just now I wanted something that would give a little bit room to grow. So I made the back open with a ribbon threaded down the back so it can be made bigger or smaller as needed.

It really was easy and There is NO sewing! Once you have created your crochet top you can then add the tulle using slip knots around the bottom.

for my Bodice I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps - Aqua (00006) Beautiful silky and very soft! It works up beautifully

I have seen people using the elasticated crochet Headband Tutu Halter Top 
 as the bodice (THESE are fab!) and cheap too
to create your Tutu Dress Here is what you need. Theses are so cheap the prices are ridiculous-ly cheap! ! Shipped straight from Amazon 

I crocheted this bodice using the diagonal C2C stitch. ( the original free pattern is now a PAID pattern)
I made it long enough to fit my nieces body and wide enough to fit comfortably around her. Basically you crochet a rectangle shape that will fit the size of chid , underarm measurements - just below waist level

As you can see from the picture here I single crocheted up and down the back opening.
last row I used single crochet, skip 1 single crochet in next st * Repeat to create a loop the thread the ribbons . Not a sewing needle in sight .

make your own elsa frozen dress - crochet tutu dress for older girl
Close up of Back of Elsa
 Inspired Frozen DIY dress. 

I threaded the 6 inch wide lengths of tulle through the bottom row of the bodice. and secured using a slip knot (tight) around the dress filling in any spaces and gaps.

 ( I would also consider using a "cowl" or snood pattern to make a tube that can be used as the bodice part.)

Watch the Video on how to make the Tutu Dress With the Elasticated Headbands and Bodice   

This is the Toddler Frozen inspired Baby Tutu Dress

Use this FREE pattern to make the bodice from Ball Hank n'Skien
baby toddler crochet tutu dress free crochet pattern