Easy Free Crochet Baby Headband Pattern {FREE Crochet Pattern}

This cute baby crochet headband is so easy to make and is a great little yarn stash buster too, as you can incorporate many colors into it as you wish. It is easy to leave off the button and flower, if you are unsure of sizing for child's head, leaving a long tail enough for mum to sew into position. 

This is the matching Free Crochet Hat / Adjustable Headband Pattern for the Child's Summer Hat 

free crochet headband patterns-crochet flower pattern

Very easy Crochet Headband Pattern
You will be working in single crochet and working around the starting chain. 
Rnd 1: ch78 + ch9 = Ch 87 (or you can use the hats circumference to see how wide you want your band to be, remember to have it overlapping slightly so as you can attach a button for finishing) 
Rnd 2: Sc in 9th chain from hook (this creates the button hole), Sc until last stitch, 3 Sc (DO NOT TURN) instead work along bottom of starting chain
Rnd 3: Sc until last stitch at loop created in 1st rnd. sc 9, around the loop to  create the button hole. Continue working in sc until end. 
Rnd 4 : Sc in every stitch until the turn of the button hole 2 sc in next 3 stitches. Sc around. Fasten off and weave in ends. 
Join with your contrast color: Slip Stitch around the whole of the headband. Finish off neatly and weave in ends. 

           Easy crochet baby headband with button and 6 petal crochet flower (Free crochet patterns)

This is what your finished head band should look like

Easy 6 Petal Flower with opening for Button

Once button is attached you just slip the crochet flower over the button this secures it to the head band.

Rnd 1: Ch12, slipstitch into 1st chain to create a loop
 (this loop should be big enough to slip your button through, but with enough tension to keep your flower secure on the headband) 
Rnd2: ch1, single crochet 12 around the loop, slip stitch to join to ch1 (12) 
Rnd3: {ch 3, skip 1, sc into next} Repeat {} 6 times (6 loops) Slip into first loop to join
(now you are working into the loops you have created)
Rnd 4:  {ch2, 5dc, ch1, sc} scinto next loop and repeat  {ch2, 5dc, ch1, sc} around. Slip stitch into first ch 2 and neatly finish off ends. 
Easy crochet baby headband with button and 6 petal crochet flower (Free crochet patterns)

                                Easy crochet baby headband with button and 6 petal crochet flower (Free crochet patterns)

Why not make a gorgeous sun hat to match this headband. Its too sweet and because of the hat band being detachable it can be used as a crochet headband with the flower. 

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