Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Dress That is Simply Adorable.

This really is the perfect little crochet dress Pattern for Spring, and would take the child into summer too. I was asked to find a pattern for a simple, easy and cute A line Girls Spring dress, which could also be worn in summer, (we live in Scotland and although summers are very nice living near the coast, it can still be very windy).
 Mum wanted something they could slip over little leggings and a top.
free crochet patterns baby dress Easy crochet Baby Dress Patterns FREE

I found a delightful video on you tube. (It is not a full pattern!, As well as watching the video, it has English subtitles, and I have probably added a little bit to the original pattern here and there BUT the result is just beautiful.
I was outside taking photos of it, and my neighbour passed and has put in an order for her 2 year old daughter.

the finished size of the dress using a 2 ply light yarn, and a 3.50mm steel hook,  is for a 2 year old.
There is English subtitles and you can watch as you go along.

Watch the video for the Beautiful Sunshine Dress. 

I Also Love this Video for complete beginners to crochet a baby dress. I have seen this made and on baby and it is gorgeous especially for this time of year, when the spring colors are out Baby looks adorable. 

The comments also give handy tips to make it for bigger sizes. 
This dress is for Sizes 0-3 mos. 
3 - 6 mos: increase size your to hook Size I hook 
6 -12 mos old: chain 51 instead of 37 to begin.. You will need make your first row.. (dc, ch1, dc) stitches in ch 7, 18, 34, and 45. The rest of the instructions are the same. 

***Please note the VIDEO is FREE, But you Can also 


her website for the FREE PATTERN

This is a very easy to croche tbaby dress Ideal for a FIRST time

 And this is the second Video for the Baby Dress

Have Fun and if your feeling all inspired how about this grogeous easy baby dress from  Redheart 
See this post here how to take your crochet to the next level and make this

free crochet patterns baby dress Easy crochet Baby Dress Patterns FREE

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