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Easy Crochet Baby Dress Pattern (Free) - Taking the next step in your Crocheting Journey

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Source:Redheart Free Patterns

Have you looked longingly at some of the pretty free vintage crochet baby dress patterns and think if only you could make one? Do you want to crochet a dress but think it too advanced for a beginner like you? Think again. My Friend Bev has just taken that leap from beginner to a more advanced crochet project. And completed the most gorgeous little crochet baby dress pattern, and
I m delighted she agreed to share with us how she found a more advanced pattern,  after only being able to crochet the basics, hats, squares, afghans etc, hopefully also giving you a little boost of confidence that you too could crochet a little dress, and not be put off by trying something a little more advanced. 
I am thrilled that Bev has taken up crocheting in her spare time again.  
 I asked if she would share her journey on how she has progressed from a beginner to something a little more advanced.

whether you are looking for a crochet baby dress pattern, this is so versatile, and would not look out of place used as a sundress or made in cream would give it a more Vintage look

crochet baby dress pattern free crochet patterns baby sundress crochet baby blessing dress pattern vintage crochet baby dress pattern free crochet baby dress pattern easy crochet baby dress pattern book

Advancing From The Beginner Level Of Crochet

I’ve been languishing and feeling quite comfortable in the beginner level of crochet for just about 40 years now. Oh yes, ever since my Granny first showed me how to chain and do a double crochet stitch to make an afghan; I have kept myself at that very comfortable level. My first project was an afghan done in the ripple pattern which I believe the younger crowd calls the chevron today. It turned out nicely and it took me forever but I was proud of my accomplishment.

In later years I went on to make some gifts for loved ones and friends never venturing far away from the original pattern that Granny showed me to begin with. I did teach myself how to do a basic Granny Square and made a few items with colorful yarns for the house and for gifts. Beyond that, I wasn’t very brave in learning anything new and was quite content in being able to do those few simple stitches and patterns for items to work on.

After seeing some of the things that our dear Lisa does, I guess you could say that I decided to learn to crochet better and be able to make something different. After all, a gal can only use so many afghans and Granny Square pillows! So, I put that on my bucket list; learn to do something new in crochet.

One day while I was on Facebook and chatting with my friend Monica in Argentina we began to talk about crocheting.
She sent me a picture of a sweet little dress which is actually called The Little Sweetie Dress

It is a free pattern at the Red Heart yarn site. I thought it was just adorable and then she sent me to a video that showed how to add some flounce to the skirt. I was “hooked”! I was determined to make that cute little dress! Did it matter that I didn’t have a little girl who could wear it? Absolutely not! I’ll find some sweet little girl to give it to someday, I just know I will.

I just happened to have a large ball of Bernat Softee Baby Yarn, Soft Lilac and the H hook so I got started. Oh my goodness I had so much fun as that cute little dress began to take form! I went slowly; counting the stitches at the end of each row to make sure I was on track. Yes, a couple of times I had to rip out a row and start over because I had missed a space (always back at the beginning) but I wanted it to be right. I would have to say that the yoke was the most difficult due to adding stitches but even that wasn’t really hard. The skirt was pretty easy to do with those fun “v” stitches but the best part was the edging! Oh my goodness gracious, me oh my, that edging is so pretty and so much fun to make!
Working with this pattern, I learned so much! I had no clue how to create an armhole in a garment. To my surprise it is really quite simple. I was amazed at how easy it was to take the yoke and start working in the round to complete the skirt. As my grandkids would say, “Easy Peasy!” While making the edging, I learned the picot stitch that really added to the finished look of the dress.  I learned some new techniques to use but the most important thing is that it is really fun to try new things! I think maybe I have graduated from the beginner stage of crocheting to at least intermediate. There is still so much to learn and projects to try!

If you are a beginner like me and want to try making this sweet little dress, I would recommend that you watch the video by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd.

Bev Owens retired a few years ago from the Antique Industry and now fills her days being a loving and available Grandma to 3 very special little girls (all too big for that dress!). She loves to write about a variety of topics including suggesting gifts that Grandmothers can give to their precious little pieces of joy. You can find her at: Gifts From Grandma

 Beautiful Crochet Baby Dress Pattern Books books available to download or buy online

If you make a dress we woudl love to see what Our Readers make you can private message your picture to our FB page 

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