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20 + FREE Snowflake Crochet Patterns

FREE CROCHET Snowflake PATTERNS TO MAKE beautiful  SNOWFLAKE decorations FOR CHRISTMAS. I have made each of the snowflakes and find them easy to crochet. I loved using up my light cotton with a silvery strand through it. Perfect for catching the twinkling lights. 

free snowflake crochet patterns-free crochet patterns for snowflakes
Crochet Snowflake Pattern on this page

  My Favourtie Snowflake Crochet Patterns

I do love these easy crochet snowflakes, and what more is they are all free crochet patterns.  
Whether you want to attempt to use a fine cotton thread, or just follow the instructions using a larger hook and yarn which will give you a larger chunkier snowflake. 

Either way, they turn out pretty special. 
I love hanging these from the tree. 

I usually crochet a few extra snowflakes put them in the envelopes for the special xmas cards that get sent to family and friends at this time of year.

 I have came across many free snowflake crochet pattern, these are my favourite.

free snowflake crochet patters-free crochet patterns for snowflakes

Crochet a Simple Snowflake Garland for your Christmas Tree this year, of to hang from the mantle.

FREE Crochet Snowflake pattern to Download and Print

free snowflake crochet patters-free crochet patterns for snowflakes

This snowflake pattern works well with thick yarn or worked in thin thread.  

But even more importantly if you are looking for an easy, beginner crochet snowflake pattern, then this is THE BEST I have found, close-up step by step photos. 

I have made this in a really fine thread, and it is just gorgeous, all joined together to make a crochet snowflake garland.

Crochet Snowflake Pattern FREE from Attic 24.

free snowflake crochet patters-free crochet patterns for snowflakes

Download and print to keep these crochet snowflakes from 

Not only a free pattern but Wonderful and easy to follow instructions

Free Crochet Snowflake Download PDF  here

crochet snowflake free patterns

My personal Favourite snowflake crochet pattern. 

I Love this one, It is just so beautiful and I think I will make a few of these and actually make a Xmas

Card and put this on the front of it for people to take it off and hang on their tree

Crochet Snowflake Pattern

crochet snowflake patterns FREE

This is Rachel's favorite snowflake pattern from the Crochet Spot.
I think this would look fantastic turned into a garland or simply hung from your Xmas tree.

See the Full details for the Snowflake Crochet Pattern HERE 

free snowflake crochet patters-free crochet patterns for snowflakes

And if these patterns are still not enough to satisfy your craving for free crochet snowflake patterns, 
then how about this site, which is totally dedicated to bringing you over 200 snowflakes, ranging from the more complex to very easy you must visit the 

Snowflake Directory by SnowCatcher

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christmas themed crochet outfits

Why not use some of my FREE crochet patterns to make your little one some Christmas themed crochet outfits. 

More Free Crochet Patterns

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