FREE Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern (easy Adult Crochet Headband)

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Free Crochet Headband Pattern
 Easy Adult Crochet Headband or Earwarmer Pattern with Crochet Flower. This is probably one of the easiest headband/ear warmer patterns around. The shaping is easy to achieve. And the piece is worked in a circle around. I find I can use the basic pattern and create many different looks with a change of yarn or hook size. 

Hook - 4.00mmYarn - Double Knit (worsted)
Terms used in the Pattern US
Row 1 Chain 100 (or as many chains as you need to fit comfortably around your head, or to fit the size of the head circumference of age group) slip stitch into 1st chain created to make a full circle (make sure the chain is not twisted)
Row 2 Chain 3 and work dc in next 45 chain then sc in 10 chains
and continue in  dc in each chain until row ends
Row 3-10 Chain 3 turn around,  (work in the back loop of each stitch from now on)
* dc in each 45 dc, sc in each of the 10 sc and dc in each of the 45 dc. *, slip to join.
(Or you can continue until the desired width is achieved)
Finish off and weave in ends.


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