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Quick easy Crochet Baby hat (free) Shell Pattern

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Free Crochet Hat Pattern
Free crochet baby hat pattern, this is a delightful little baby hat, and so easy to make . I actually made the one in the picture in less than an hour start to finish, and made it slightly smaller for a little girl.

This pattern Fits age 3-6 months
Materials: Hook size J, 1 ball of Baby Soft Yarn

Ch 5 make a ring

R1: Dc ch 10 times inside ring and slip st in first one
R2: DC the 1st dc ch1 and repeat around....slip stitch to chain 1 space of previous round to start - do this ever round to start next.
R3: In each ch1 space dc 3 times ch1 around slip stitch to chain 1 space of previous round to start
R4-R6: In each ch1 space dc 3 times around, repeat 1 time in last sp only slip stitch to chain 1 space of previous round to start
R7-R12: (or until desired length is made) dc 3 times in each ch1 space
Round to finish I used a shell stitch border

how ever you can just finish hat off with 3 rounds of SC  and weave in ends.

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