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Free Easy Crochet Pattern for Basic Baby Booties and Bonnet (New Baby Gift Set)

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A delightful easy for beginners Bonnet and bootie set. The recipient will be delighted to get this as a gift for new baby perfect for a preemie to  newborn. Its on the small side and its just perfect enough to fit those precious babes that seem just too big to even fit the shops bought newborn clothing, .  The front of bonnet can be folded back to help get a cosy fit

 The Easy crochet booties pattern is simple to follow and so quick to make.
The crochet baby bonnet (Free Crochet Pattern) is easy to make too, making this an ideal baby shower gift set.

This little bonnet is so easy to make and takes no time at all. (for making bigger than the stated, just add another round of increases, following the sequence)

I used a 4.00 uk (G6) steel hook
US crochet terms used. 
DK / Red Heart Baby Soft 
sizes preemie newborn, 0-3 months written in ( )
Preemie (back of head diameter 3 inches across)
small newborn Head circumference 12"-13"  Back of Head diameter across 4"
0-3 months use a 4.50mm (7) hook  Head circumference13"-14", Back of Head diameter across 4.5" 

Ribbon to finish off 

Magic circle
or alternative start (Ch4 work 13 dc into 1st chain )

RND 1: CH 3 , make 13 dcs, (14), (15)  in circle. Slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join – do NOT turn.

RND 2: CH 3, DC in same stitch, 2 DCs in each stitch around; slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join (28) (30) (32 DCs). Do NOT turn.

RND 3: ch3 *dc in next st, 2dc in next st* in each stitch around. (note: for PREEMIE SIZE skip to PURPLE Highlighted in next round )  slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join

RND 4: ch3, *2dc in the first stitch, dc in the next 2 stitches*, repeat around,leaving last 3 DCs unworked. CH 1, turn. DO NOT JOIN. 

Check back of head diameter
Row 5: SC in each DC of previous row, around to last worked stitch of previous round, CH 3, turn
Row 6: DC in each SC around, CH 1, turn
Repeat Row 5 and Row 6 to complete
(9 Rows for Preemie)
(11 Rows for newborn)
(13 Rows for bigger baby size)

Bottom Of Bonnet (neckline) Same for every size
Row 1: Slip stitch in corner; CH 1, turn to work on bottom of bonnet around neck — work evenly around neckline in SC to end of  row (including unworked DCs of Row 2 (in centre back of bonnet).Make sure this is an even number of stitches along the neck edge.  
Row 2: ch1, turn, SC to end.
Row 3: ch2, turn, *skip 1 stitch, ch1, sc in next* repeat ** along edge and finish off.

Front edging
Working around the front of the hat – **CH 2, slip stitch in next stitch. Repeat from ** across the front to opposite corner.
weave in and secure all loose ends, either with a ribbon or chain a simple crochet cord ( see below)  thread through the chain1 space of last round.

Or you can make a cord by
CH 25 desired length for tie, enough to thread through the ch 1 spaces and to loosely tie under chin.  slip stitch back along 24 sts, and fasten off.  (Or if preferred you can skip this part and just thread through a ribbon to finish off like I do
Weave in all ends
turn back front edge an secured lightly with stitching.

Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties

Start with Ch26
ROW 1: HDC in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (25 hdc)  Ch 2 (counts as a HDC on next row), turn
ROW 2 - 3:
HDC in each hdc across row (25 hdc).  ch 2, turn.

ROW 4: DC in each hdc across row (25 dc) - do not chain 3 at the end, just turn
 ROW 5 (top of bootie) : slip st in the first 5 dcs, ch 3 (counts as one dc) dc in the same st and then in each dc across leaving 4 unworked at the end.. (17 dcs)  Chain 3,  turn
 ROWS 6 and 7 :  (change colors back)  DC in each dc across the 17 sts being sure to DC into the very last stitch, ch 3 and turn (17 dcs)
 ROW 8: (finish for Girls) 
Sc into 1st st near hook, ch 3, sc in next st, repeat across to make a ruffle on the top.
(finish for Boys) 
Alternate making a FPDC and BPDC across row, working the stitches in the front or back of the sts in the row below.

Finish off.
~Fold piece in half and stitch up using yarn and big needle 
 this is the wrong side of the bootie.  
Turn booties right side out and shape them with your hands 
As in the picture I attached and threaded through a thin Ribbon to finish. 

free baby bonnet crochet pattern free baby booties crochet patterns
 Now many are asking how to add the ruffles. to the bonnet as shown in the picture below
free baby bonnet crochet pattern free baby booties crochet patterns
Vintage booties Pattern can be found HERE

If you are new to adding ruffles or 'poof' as I like to call them I suggest watching the Video . Every Bonnet I make I may Change where I want the ruffles to be. Or I may change how many shells of 1 stitch I do.If you cannot see the video on this page click here to watch. SEE VIDEO HERE

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