Easy Crochet Baby headband with Flower - Free Pattern

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Baby Headband with Flower- Picture authors own and should not be copied

Crochet Baby Headbands with Flowers

Nothing is sweeter or cuter than this gorgeous baby headband with a crochet flower, so easy to make and made in minutes.

Depending on your desired look texture, choose yarn and hook, obviously the bigger the hook thicker the yarn, the chunkier the look and feel.

Easy flower Pattern (6 Petals)

magic Ring

Round 1
Ch2 12 dc in magic ring. Join with sl st to top of ch2. pull to tighten circle

Round 2
*Ch2. 4 dc in next st. ch 2 join with sl st in next st.* (1 petal)
repeat **for 6 petals, join with sip stitch into start stitch.

finish off by Slipping stitch in back post of dc in row 1.

Easy HeadBand
ch approx 40/50 or chain enough to the desired size to fit baby's head. You can actually just attach the flower to the chain itself and use that as the headband, however, I like to slip stitch all the way along foundation chain, chain 2 and slip stitch into the opposite side of headband into the foundation row working back to the beginning.

you can decorate with anything you like, as long as it is securely fastened on. :)

Have fun making these cute crochet baby headbands add different colors and sizes of flowers
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