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Free Crochet Pattern for a Cute Baby Hat Beanie with Crochet Flower (Cluster Sitch)

The 'Oh so Cute'Crochet Baby Cluster Hat' Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern by Lisa Auch Crochet 

FREE crochet Pattern baby hat crochet flower free pattern
Newborn size and 3 months size shown in picture

Free Crochet Baby cluster hat pattern
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 this was the original picture I was sent and asked to re-create it. 

This is such a pretty crochet pattern written to Help those who have maybe just started crocheting but ready to take the next steps and start creating gorgeous items.

I love this quick and easy-to-make cluster stitch hat, I was asked countless times for a crochet pattern for this hat in the picture above after I posted the picture of the adorable white hat with pink flowers.

 People were asking me If I would consider writing a pattern to create something similar. I decided I would like to re-create it with the cluster stitch. 

I have tried to include more steps and instructions than in a plain crochet hat pattern, to help those who are attempting to work in the cluster stitch for the first time.  

This cute little number was inspired by a crochet baby hat I saw online, When I saw this cute little crochet baby beanie I knew I just had to make it, it will be a really great pattern for any size, just keep increasing the clusters row by row until desired size/circumference of the head is achieved.
Please NOTE.

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