How to Crochet an Easy Baby Hat Free Pattern and Tutorial Ideal for Beginners ( Easy Baby Hat from a Rectangle)

If You Have NEVER Made a Baby Hat Before, But Want to Make One Then THIS Is for You

HOW to turn a rectangle piece of crochet into a hat. Easy Crochet Pattern for Beginners. 

Why is this the easiest way to make a hat? Well you only need to know how to crochet in rows. Seriously a Baby hat crocheted in rows . I also think its the perfect little boys hat
The baby hat is worked in a rectangle shape and then gathered at one end sewn tightly and add your chosen wool to the brim.
I think also it would look nice with a pom pom or bobbles in a contrasting color to match the brim.
I can crochet this hat in around 30 minutes. Its easy cute and quick and match with a pair of our easy FREE 10 minute crochet booties pattern and ta-dah a Stunning beautiful gift for new baby in less than an hour!
Finished size is around newborn to 3 months however it is a stretchy design
Explanation of stitches used US terms

Single crochet =sc (Insert hook in st, yarn over, pull through stitch, yarn over pull through BOTH loops on hook)
Half Double Crochet = hdc (yo, insert hook in stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops on hook.



  • 4.00mm UK hook = G6 (US) 

Collect all your materials before you start, This also quickens the finishing process
In chosen color and yarn
ch 30.
(This length of chains is the Require Height of your hat - so if you want to make it bigger just measure height of head from ear to crochet and Chain to fit size)
We are working IN ROWS

Row 1 (Right Side):
Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch (28 sts) .

Rows 2-32: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st across.
(you can ALSO just work in the BACK LOOP of Each half double crochet, on each row, throughout this pattern to add some texture and ribbing to this hat)

Ch 1, turn, with right sides together, fold Hat in half crosswise, working through back loops of foundation ch and last row, slip st edges together.
If you prefer to sew that's fine too

To close the TOP of your hat choose an open side....
You can either turn inside out and thread your yarn tightly around the top stitches and pull tightly to close gap and secure (Picture shows how hat looks inside out
or Like I did with the brown hat. thread yarn around 1 inch deep of closing end of hat and pull tightly to gather. finish off with pom poms
turn inside out and turn up the bottom open end

IF you want a different colored cuff
Round 1:
By turning your hat inside out rejoin with your choice of color for the cuff. with a sc at center of Back 
working in edge rows, sc evenly spaced around edge, join with slip st in first sc
Rounds 2-5: Single crochet around, do NOT join in each of SC round
Fasten off.

Your finished hat looks like this. However if you choose to add a colored cuff it will look more like the brown one
I am thrilled at the positive feedback from this easy to crochet hat (Perfect for those who have never crocheted a hat before, yet want to show off their skills to their friends and family by making a hat for them) SO after popular demand I have added the Height and Length measurements required for you to make your hat bigger (or smaller for preemie)
Remember your starting Chain will be the HEIGHT of the required hat size.
ie for a child 3-10 years create a chain 6.5 inches to start (remember to very slightly stretch (or use 1 size bigger hook for creating the chain)  (but not pull tight, as you want it to fit snug without being stretched fully)
Then continue working in the pattern for the HEIGHT required  ie. 3-10 years  = 19-20.5 inches

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The perfect head sizes and measurements for Creating a crochet hat.


Mollie said...

What are the approx dimensions of the finished rectangle you use?

Lisa Auch said...

Mollie make the rectangle length to your size required....
newborn size will be 13 inches in length. The length is approx. as the added length is for the Cuff to be turned up

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

I like the simplicity of this hat. Any idea what the dimensions would be to make this for an adult woman? Thanks for your help!

debbie dooley said...

I just made this for my grandaughter and added a Pom Pom on the top. It came out great. I've never made a hat before. I will be making a lot more. Can you give the sizes for older babies, toddlers, children, men and women. I LOVE THIS HAt?

Debbie D

Lisa Auch said...

I Love that you have had had such a success with this!!! whoo-hoo! hats for the whole family (to be honest I love how these turn out
I have added a size chart to help you create bigger sizes now...just make sure that starting chain is the length you need to go around the head of the person (slightly pulled - but NOT TIGHT-) then crochet the HEIGHT to the measurement required....Good luck and PLEASE let me know how you get on I love to hear how others are enjoying the craft too :)

Robin Jeffries said...

When you say to chain the circumference and crochet the height, is that not opposite of your original instructions? If you crochet the height, your rows will go around the hat, not top to bottom, correct?

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