FREE Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern (easy Adult Crochet Headband)

Easy Adult Crochet Headband or Earwarmer Pattern with Crochet Flower
This is probably one of the easiest headband/ear warmer patterns around . The shaping is easy to achieve. And piece is worked in a circle around

Hook - 4.00mmYarn - Double Knit (worsted)
Terms used in US
Row 1 Chain 100 (or as many as you need to fit comfortably around your head) slip stitch into 1st chain created to make a full circle (make sure the chain is not twisted)
Row 2 Chain 3 and work dc in next 45 chain then sc in 10 chains
and continue in  dc in each chain until row ends
Row 3-10 Chain 3 turn around,  (work in the back loop of each stitch from now on)
* dc in each 45 dc, sc in each of the 10 sc and dc in each of the 45 dc. *, slip to join.
(Or you can continue until desired width is achieved)
Finish off and weave in ends.
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